That show again…


We’ve had many CSI series or maybe an NCIS series. How many Law and Orders have there been. Twilight Zone or The Outer Limits have had multiple variations. I won’t talk about all of the different versions of Star Trek. Or the many versions of various comic book heroes on TV cartoons.

And now the TV series “V” comes back to television. From the commercials it looks like it may be very similar to the original. Good looking aliens, but they are hiding something. Scuttlebutt on the web indicates that what they are hiding will be a little different than the first version.

I really enjoyed the first series back in the 80’s. It was one of the show I remember talking to friends about. I’m not sure if this show will generate the same buzz.

Anyone going to watch? Anyone remember the original show?

5 thoughts on “That show again…”

  1. Funny… Hubby just mentioned this about an hour ago. I remember the logo and that’s about it. Don’t think I watched this one. Not to be confused with another popular alien series from the 80’s, Alien Nation – didn’t watch that one either, but I was intrigued by the costumes.

  2. And who was a supporting cast member in the original series… Robert Englund… aka the REAL Freddy Kruger. I may watch tonight since we have a travel day in the series.

  3. I’m old enough to remember the 80s show on TV. I was a kid at the time and thought it was scary. Knowing that the new series was coming out, I rented (thank goodness!) the show just for fun this summer. The writing, story, acting, and everything else about the show was so bad, I couldn’t watch more than four episodes.

    I haven’t watched the new one yet but will this weekend. I’m somewhat excited as it’s got some good reviews. It would be hard to be worse than the origional. 🙂

  4. Abel , welcome to my blog. I thought that the original show was good, but I haven’t seen it since the 80’s. I wonder what I would think now.

    I haven’t watched the new show, I have a play to rehearse and study for.

  5. I never watched the original. I may or may not watch the new one. I did watch Alien Nation (movie and TV show) though- I remember the aliens not being so original in coming up with their “human” names, such as Sam Francisco.

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