Back On The Hardwood


So much for retirement, eh?  Tonight, my Uncle Bob returned to take command of yet another high school basketball team.  He coached the high school girls for 12 years and retired.  Last year, he co-coached the boys team and retired after the season ended.  Finally last summer, he got the itch again while on the golf course and is now coaching the varsity girls team of his alma mater’s biggest rival.

I really get a kick out of watching him perform.  Very emotional, vocal, and BOY CAN HE PROJECT (of course, I have known that most of my life 🙂 )!  Most of the family went to his return game tonight to support him… fun times, although… His team did well until the final act when the girls could not hit the broad side of a barn (the girls scored two points in the fourth frame) .  The score was tied 28 a piece at the end of the third act and even through the first two or three minutes of the final period.  I think the three pointer by the opposing team took a lot of the wind out of their sails.  But as Uncle Bob said, they have a lot of work ahead of them.

3 thoughts on “Back On The Hardwood”

  1. It sounds like coaching is what he likes to do, so he should keep doing it- forget retirement. It’s all seasonal anyway, so for 2/3 – 3/4 of the year he will still be taking it easy.

    Hmm. He can project, but can he act? Many actors have a problem projecting, but if he already has this skill down…

  2. Sounds like fun, but I agree with derek – he should do away with his Garth Brooks / Michael Jordan attitudes and just commit to continue coaching!

  3. HEHE, derek… good point! He has said that during his “retirement” he got to step back and see it from another perspective… one he had not seen in 20+ years (including the years he spent coaching jr. high and as an assistant coach).

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