Too much free time


Who complains about too much free time?  Well, with no wife or kids, a dislike for many common social activities- okay let’s just go with the truth here and say no friends I hang out with outside of church, and work that takes less than the normal eight hours plus lunch per standard, I just have too much free time.  What do I do with it?  Get movies from the library, spend time on the internet, and play games mostly- what a life, eh?  In the last few days I have even purchased several games on Steam– did they have to make it so easy?  I didn’t even use steam until they had a $9.99 sale on their Orange Box collection a few months ago.  Now I have the complete Luxor marble game collection, Ghostbusters, GRID, and Osmos.  Anther service called Direct2Drive also successfully tempted me with a $5 sale a short time back.  I added no less than a half-dozen games from them including Neverwinter Nights 2 and Serious Sam Gold.  A waste of time and money really.  Well, I have been playing a lot of Serious Sam and the Luxor games, so just a waste of time in their case.  To be fair, I didn’t pay much for any of the titles, nowhere near full price, but still…

So what can I do instead?  Theatre groups abound in this area, but I know very few of them anymore- I would have to look them up again.  I have also looked a little into compassion ministries, serving those in need.  I still have to look it up on the church website as I was directed to a few weeks ago.  The obvious one in most people’s minds is the friends issue.  I have been to singles group, but it was very uncomfortable for me so I really don’t go anymore.  No friends that way.  Perhaps through the other two potential outlets?  I don’t know.  I know I have needed to schedule a quiet time with God, but I have known that for so long I wonder if I am really capable?

For now though I just sit here on the computer…

3 thoughts on “Too much free time”

  1. Yeah – a trip east!
    Or I have a kid or two you can borrow; you won’t have free time with a kid around 😉

    Volunteering is a good idea. You could volunteer at nursing homes, hospitals, etc. I’m sure all you have to do is call them. I know our new hospital is looking for volunteers to staff each floor and help direct people; maybe it’s the same way there. And since you’ve been meaning to schedule quiet time with God, maybe you could combine that time with reaching out to someone else – help the elderly read the Bible or something…
    I don’t know; I have quite the opposite problem. So many things I’d like to do without the time to do them!

  2. Indeed. I expect with four kids you don’t have quite the same problem. 😮

    I’m still working on it, but quiet time is supposed to be one-on-one with God, so whatever else I do has to be in addition to it. I will have to head out there again sometime soon, though I can’t say when. Perhaps Christmas break for a Tues-Wed.

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