Holiday Fun & Chaos


The chaos actually began Wednesday morning.  Mom was working in the beauty shop… UNTIL 11 at which time she wanted the kitchen.  At ten, Dad decides it is the perfect time to strip the counter top off.  Granted, it is pretty old, worn, and could stand be be replaced… but the day before we have company over for Thanksgiving?!  Oh, MY… am I glad I had to go to work from 12-9.

After my 9 hour shift, I returned to see him still at it.  Mom was already in bed, but I can imagine the scene at home.  I would not want to have been there 😀 .  At around 11.30, he decides it is good enough and THEN decides to run the vacuum.  At 11.45, Mom comes out, gives him a dirty look, and walks back into the bedroom… nothing even needed to be said.

Thursday morning, I got up at 8 in time to shower, bring the table and chairs down from upstairs, then watch the Macy’s parade.  Ironically, my favorite part of the 3 hour extravaganza is not the floats, nor the balloons.   It is watching the performers from Broadway shows and singing groups seeing how badly they can lip sync.  Who is Boy Likes Girl?  I must be getting really old!  Did anyone see Gloria Gaynor and her 30 year old “I Will Survive?”

After the parade came (not the dog show) the traditional immediate family dinner.  Ma and Pa, siblings and their families.  I did not indulge too much because I had two other meals to attend.  I did get to see Chad and his pumpkin pie (or was it Cool Whip with a bit of pumpkin).

After digesting a bit, I ventured to another gathering.  I knew I had a good amount of time between the afternoon and evening gathering so I went to the home of my wonderful friends and had smoked turkey and other delicious food.  We have never had smoked turkey, but I find it enjoyable.  Carol brought a game that I swear I did not cheat at.  I read a few cards without looking at the answer and put them in the back of the box.  It’s only cheating if you look at the answer 😉 And I was treated to The Potty Movie… thanks girls.  I found it quite odd that a 3 year old had a strangely deep feminine voice.

Finally, I returned home for our traditional Thanksgiving celebration with my mother’s family.  In total, we probably had 20-25 people in the house.  It’s always good to be surrounded by family and loved ones but something about the holidays makes it even greater.  Maybe it’s the constant ribbing Chad tries to dish out about sports but knows he is fighting a losing battle.  Outnumbered about 16:1.  But the Cowboys again won their gimme.  Maybe that’s why they always play on Turkey Day.  Sorry I can’t say the same for the Lions.

Finally, about 10, everyone was gone, tables and chairs put back. and I was pooped.  I wanted to go back for a game night, but I did have to be at work at 6.30 this morning and I almost did not make that!  Hope everyone had a great holiday giving thanks for the many blessings we receive every day!

3 thoughts on “Holiday Fun & Chaos”

  1. I saw some of the parade, and I did note that Gloria Gaynor and the Boy Whatever band were just awful at the lip-syncing which is also one of my favorite parts. I just LOVE everything about parades!! If you get stuck watching something boring, it doesn’t even matter because each act is only shown for about 2 minutes. And there is such variety – animals, dancing, singing (sort of), balloons, floats, celebrities, excitement… I LOVE PARADES!
    And I do enjoy the dog show that follows, just never have time to watch it. Glad you had a great Thanksgiving and that you were able to join us!

  2. Nothing really to blog about for my own Thanksgiving. I’m sure I said it all in a comment or two elsewhere. Anyway, I skipped the parade but if I want to see it, I know it is up on usenet in full 1080 glory.

    Potty video?? What ever happened to hands-on (rear-on?) training?

  3. Disney gets excited about her potty video and wants to be just like Hannah, the character in the video (who does sound like an adult, Morat’s right. It’s creepy.). It helps to give her a little extra motivation.

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