Another Spring Thing

I haven’t written much about baseball this year, but the 2009 season starts very soon. Teams are wrapping up spring training, and the final rosters for the start of the year are being set.

At this time of year, every team has a chance to make it to the world series, everyone starts out in the same place. I am rooting for the Tigers for the 46 year. I will say 46, since I don’t remember really thinking much about pro ball until the year of my 4th birthday. I went to a game before that, but it could have been any game, any time. I was told it was in Detroit and against Cleveland. I don’t even remember who won. I do remember being upset that Detroit traded away Rocky Colavito, I think I was 5 then. I knew Colavito hit home runs, I liked home runs. Funny thing to remember. But I have been a Tiger fan for all the life I can remember. I’m hoping they do well this year. Last year was a bit of a disappointment, but after sticking through some of the years they’ve had, it wasn’t really too bad.

I’m also going to root for the Cubs, unless they happen to play Detroit in inter-league ball, or maybe the Series. I never really had a National League team I liked. I have good friends who like the Cubs, so I will be a transplanted Cubs fan. I hope they do well this year too.

I have another friend who roots for the Yankees. Well, I can’t say much there. I was taught “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything.” Well, I guess I hope the Yankees do well when ever they play a Central Division Team that isn’t Detroit. That is really hard for me to say, since I was always had two favorite teams (The Tigers, and whoever is playing the Yankees). 😉

Another friend of mine roots for the Cleveland Indians. I would like them to do well (they are in my home state after all), just not as good as the Tigers. Something has to be said for state pride. Ohio should produce at least 1 .500 team. There are two pro teams in the State, at least one of them should do well. I don’t know any Cincinnati fans off the top of my head.

So check your local listing, schedules and root for the team of your choice. It is a long season, I hope there is some excitement in October.

3 thoughts on “Another Spring Thing”

  1. I hope one our teams makes it all the way to the Series along with the Cubbies…. of course you know my preference. Another cause for a HUGE celebration. Unfortunately, I cannot say the same for the Indians (say what you will about state pride 😉 .

  2. GO CUBS! And GO TIGERS! They are my backup team, the team I rooted for when the Cubs were so bad I lost hope by May. But let’s not talk about that… Hopefully my “inside tip” about their season prognosis is wrong – it’s not very good 🙁
    I will also root for the Tigers, ESPECIALLY when they play the White Sox – yuck!
    And the Yankees are free to do well also, at least until the post season 😉

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