Wagon O’ Cuties


With the return of warmer weather comes the return of our locally famous wagon o’ cuties:

random-march-09-pics-0011Except what’s that in the wagon, a little red elf?  Now I might be biased here, but that is the cutest elf I’ve ever seen!  This is the first time I put that little sweatshirt on my son.  I wish I had found it in time for Christmas last year – I don’t think it’ll still fit him by December for next Christmas.  And it seems the kids are starting to overflow the wagon…  Might be time to make our oldest walk or ride her bike…

2 thoughts on “Wagon O’ Cuties”

  1. Let’s go ride a bike, up to the highest height… oops. Fly a kite. I don’t think beeber will be wearing the sweatshirt long. HOW ADORABLE 😀

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