A Turning Point For The Season?


Friday night saw the return of Alex Rodriguez to third base for the New York Yankees following his recovery from hip surgery.  Depending upon how the Bombers do by seasons end, this game may be seen as the one in which the team turned around… after losing a deplorable 5 games in a row (their longest losing streak in two years).  Even the unremarkable pitching of C.C. Sabathia was on par as he pitched  a 9 inning shutout and winning 4-0.

I’m not going to dwell on the past scandals of A-Rod.  Not his admitted substance use that has come to light, nor the more bizarre report of pitch tipping.  The first pitch he saw Friday night with no spring training was a perfect 98MPH fastball delivered by Baltimore’s Jeremy Guthrie.  The bat connected and travelled over the left centerfield fence of Camden Yards scoring three runs.  Although, he went 1-4, a message was clearly sent.  Hopefully, his return will brighten the field that is (as seemingly usual) plagued by injury.

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