Their First Best Destiny


BEWARE OF POSSIBLE SPOILERS (but I will try to avoid them)

I must say that the wait was well worth it.  I will say that the plot was typical J.J. Abrams.  Anyone who watched Alias or watches Lost knows that his plots can be convoluted at best.  That being said, everything that made the past series was present in the film but non-Trekkers should also enjoy it… provided that sci-fi is to their liking.

The how and why of the destinies (I don’t think the word is out of place, at all) of the two lead characters are laid out.  The brash, looking before he leaps and darn the consequences of Kirk was dramatically portrayed by Chris Pine.  The balance of the mixture of Vulcan/humanity of Spock was brilliant.  I almost thought that Zachary Quinto was a young Leonard Nimoy.  In fact, I thought the 7 ensemble characters of the Enterprise command were each portrayed quite well.  Dr. McCoy’s first impression of Spock is hilarious… and how did he get the nickname of “Bones”?  I still have a hard time seeing Chekhov on the bridge this early.  Maybe as a member of the crew in some smaller capacity, but it just seemed strange.  There is another relationship on board that I’m not quite sure fits.

I don’t want to give too much of the plot away.  However, the villain sets out on a mission of vengance that could have catastrophic effects upon the universe.  Isn’t that the way all of these seem to follow?  Final verdict:  While the plot is somewhat out there, the characters fit like a glove and made the movie quite fun.   It was better than Star Trek V… so it was far from the worst.

5 thoughts on “Their First Best Destiny”

  1. My oldest brother went all the way to the closest IMAX screen (Columbus) just to watch the movie today. I must go to BK to get my glasses.

  2. Hm. IMAX- there’s an idea. Is there any benefit of IMAX when shown on a more regular-sized screen as opposed to the supersized ones? I know IMAX is shown on both sizes.

  3. Not sure, but judging from brother’s frequent 3.5 hr. jaunts there must be something worthwhile to them. Wish Ft. Wayne or Toledo could raise the funds to build one so there was one closer.

  4. Okay, it is playing in IMAX 10-minutes away so that’s where I will see it, probably this week since the IMAX release has a two-week expiration date.

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