Poor Poor Joseph

The last two days saw the first weekend of auditions for Fountain City Festival’s production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.  I can’t say how much I adore this show.  I have tried out for one production, was cast in another, and look forward to being in another.  I went to try out this morning with my 14 year-old niece.  I guess I should have helped her by letting her listen to the music since the vocal portion of the audition consisted of singing selections from the show.  Before going into the audition room, the auditioners had the opportunity to watch a streaming video of choreography to one of the songs.  EVERYONE had to learn the dance, youth choir included.  I, of course, perfectly learned the steps.

I went into the room and was greeted by the director (whom I have worked with before… very fun), two assistants, and the accompanist.  I was asked to perform one song and then perform another selection.  Felt good and thank goodness I did not use up all my energy from the choreography which was video taped allowing the directors the opportunity to once again view my fabulous (uh, hunh) footwork.

I see one drawback.  I learned that Friday’s audition had about 10 high school age auditioners (and one extremely talented 30-something).  When I arrived at the locale with Shelby, there were 4 others (two adult performers whom I have had the pleasure of working with before and two young gentlemen).  Needless to say,  this show REQUIRES a much larger cast of energetic performers of all ages.  Hopefully, more people show up next weekend.  Perhaps a few of my fellow tangenteers could make the short (or not so short) trek to dazzle audiences.

3 thoughts on “Poor Poor Joseph”

  1. Good Luck!!! I threw around the idea, but for one, I don’t think there’s a lot of female parts, and two, I think I want to take some time off of theatre before I try out for LSOH. Keep me posted though! I’m sure I can get a group of us to come over and see the performance!!!

  2. Oh, I wouldn’t say there aren’t a lot of female parts… most (if not all) of the brothers have wives and I believe I was told that this version has an extended ADULT chorus as well as the typical youth choir, but yes there is LS to think about, too. EH… what’s a little loss of down time.

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