And now, to rest…


Hey, I’m back!  Ok, you never knew I was gone since I barely post.  Well, I have something to post about now.  Camp 2012.  Coming soon, but first a rest.

Boy, you can almost hear the crickets chirping around here lately, partly due to me of course.  I do know the situations of two of you of course; as for Jamiahsh, the new job must be keeping him busy.  Or has this blog site run it’s course?  Maybe it’s time to open a Twitter account since I don’t blog much anyway.  And I don’t think it has to be tied to a real name unlike Bookface, I mean Facebook.  Could be wrong though as I have never looked into it.

4 thoughts on “And now, to rest…”

  1. Yes, the job is keepng me busy 😉 I will be making a new post shortly. But it hasn’t been that long, has it?! LOL!

  2. The blog site has run its course for me anyway. I thought I had limited time with Luke crabbing at me, but now that he’s on the move there is the potential for him to get hurt while I’m sitting on the comp as well so I just don’t find myself here much… I still like to read what you write tho, so don’t use me as an excuse to stop writing. Don’t do twitter; I’ve never been there and don’t plan on checking it out 🙂

  3. I just have a strong aversion to posting anything, no matter how innocuous, under my full, real name. A little paranoid I suppose, but the stories of employers forcing applicants to reveal their facebook pages doesn’t help any.

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