The theme song of camp


The theme of camp this year, for the entire summer actually among all the age groups, was war.  The years switch off between two themes for 4th/5th grade age group but this is the first time I noticed the entire summer was the same theme.  Anyway, this song from Passion 2012 was this summer’s main theme song:

More to come, but I wanted to get this out of the way first that you may be blessed by it.

(note to admin: the Godtube tag no longer works?  No matter, I found a version on Youtube, fortunately  without ads- harder to do each day.)

4 thoughts on “The theme song of camp”

  1. That’s a nice powerful song; thanks for sharing! Hadn’t heard that one before, and I’m always looking to expand my library of worship/praise songs – thanks! Can’t wait to hear more about camp!! 🙂

  2. After camp this year and last I purchased the Passion albums from Amazon. Passion’s White Flag (album title as well as song title) was just $7.99.

    Oh, welcome back. 🙂

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