An extraterrestrial virus killer


All the way from Qo’noS comes something to kill…computer viruses/virii.  That’s right, today may be a good day to die but we’re pretty safe this time as we are not the intended targets of Klingon wrath- the computer virus apparently is.  Read about it at it’s site:

Do you suppose they used the Klingon keyboard to program it? 😀

Even if you think this is a stupid idea (read: you’re not a Trekkie), at least go to the site to hear a classic cult piece sung in its original tlhIngan (Klingon).  Hilarious!

7 thoughts on “An extraterrestrial virus killer”

  1. Ok…
    I don’t get this at all – but I think it’s me. I know nothing about anything Star Trek. My loss, I guess.

  2. I think Klingons are the favorite race of Trekkies everywhere. There is even a Klingon Language Institute that has created an entire language for them. Well rather, the language started in the first movie (a message at one of those linked sites says James Doohan/Scotty started it), was built on by Marc Okrand in Trek III who also authored a few books on it, and was expanded into webspace by the Institute.

    Jamiahsh: I guess I am not Trekkie enough- what is the reference for “Don’t eat any bugs”?

  3. Star Trek VI: En route to Rurra Penthe to bust the good captain and Bones from their imprisonment, the Enterprise encounters a Klingon ship. After being convinced that they are a supply ship, the Klingon’s send the Enterprise on their way. Sorry, could not find the Klingon translation.

  4. Ah. A mistranslation on their part. Weren’t they madly looking through actual books in a rather un-treklike moment instead of using the computer? I remember that being hilarious, hence the reason for putting the scene in since it wouldn’t have been as funny otherwise.

  5. Well… it was the Klingons who gave the blessing. The scene was funny although very unlike Uhura especially who by that point was at least a 25 year alien language expert who surely would have studied the language of one of the Federation’s most formidable adversaries. But a fun scene, anyway.

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