4th-grader I DID know!


Usually I go a long time between seeing kids from my church in their natural daily habitats.  Tuesday was the super day, way out of the ordinary.  Today I ran into another one, apparently whose memory was not as good as the one I ran into on Tuesday.  This time he wasn’t in my class, but he was in a nearby 4th grade classroom.  I passed him in the hall, then turned and did a double take- I actually recognized him.  At the same time, he did his own double take, but he wasn’t as sure.  When I went to pick up my class from fine arts, there were two other classes in the same room, sort of a special fine arts day.  His class was one of them, and his teacher was already leading the class away.  He asked if he knew me, maybe from church.  I just smiled and said, “I’ll see you on Sunday, Brandon!” (okay, I guess first names are okay- I’ve been a bit paranoid on identifying people).  Then he knew.  At the end of the day I gave him a high five.  So on Sunday, I will see two fourth-graders at 11:15 who I encountered this week, maybe three if Daniel (from Tuesday) brings his friend again.

As far as the day went, it was very easy- no teaching at all.  Ordinarily this wouldn’t make me happy, but it’s been a long week and I was ready for some rest.  I even made two errors this morning since I was so tired.  This morning went like this: fine arts (combined classes), math test, fine arts (single class), finish math test, lunch.  That was it.  The afternoon was a little more complex with SSR (silent reading), spelling test, reading test, computer lab.  Yes, they took three tests in one day- not a fun day for them.  I guess I did do more than babysit in the afternoon.  I of course had to give the words and sentences for the spelling test, and additionally I had to proofread and correct papers on the computer before the kids printed.

In any event, I am glad for the weekend.  I enjoy what I do (mostly) but I need the break.  Before I sign off, I should mention that all went well except for a couple of boys.  One was constantly talking, even during the math test in the morning, which he did not have to take since he was in a different math class.  Unlucky for me the teacher didn’t tell me what he should do so I had to find him something to do.  He said he finished the poetry project, didn’t have a book, and wasn’t allowed to read one of the books in the room because they had to be “checked out” and he had lost a book so he couldn’t check out another.  I didn’t think the teacher would mind, as long as he didn’t bring it home, but no dice.  Sigh.  He was actually elsewhere for most of the afternoon, so that time went better.  The other boy was really only a problem while the first one was in the room- they kind of fed off of each other.

Well, that’s it for now.  Time to torture myself by taking out my contacts, then winding down for bed.  Yeah, I know- Friday night.  Well, I still haven’t gone back to the singles group.  They have a movie night tonight, I am David, but I think I have seen it and I just didn’t want to go.  I really need to force myself next time.  Why the torture?  Well I just made my self some salsa, 3½  pasta-sauce-sized jars of it.  Made with habanero, serrano, jalapeño, and other hot peppers, tomatillos, tomatoes, onions, and cilantro.  The hot pepper juice of course clings to the skin for several hours, so hot pepper meets eye and…  If I don’t post tomorrow it may be because I’m blind from this.  Anyway, goodnight.

6 thoughts on “4th-grader I DID know!”

  1. Wheweeee…. sounds good. Two young boys feeding off each other in an attempt to drive the sub to distraction. Sounds like it could have been worse, but still….

  2. Oh, believe me, I’ve had far worse than this. Have I ever mentioned the one middle school ELL class? After two times I would not sub for those ELL teachers anymore. Then there were a couple of MI (mentally impaired) classes with some uncontrollable kids. Today was nothing in comparison.

  3. Chris wants to know if you’ll be sending some of this famous salsa of yours? As for me, I cannot tolerate ANYTHING the slightest bit spicy. It’s weird how pregnancy totally changes your tastes. I used to like chile rellenos, but for the last few months, I haven’t been able to tolerate them at all… can’t wait til that changes. Hope your eyes fared ok!

  4. My eyes made it, thanks. Actually I tried something unconventional- since soap and water don’t do the trick, then maybe something oil-based would. It seemed to help. There was a little pain taking out one contact, but today no pain putting them in. My salsa is really nothing to write home about, just hot, at least some of it. The jalapeño-based salsa doesn’t seem all that hot. The habanero might not either since it has some unknown pepper and bell pepper mixed in which will probably tame it a bit. Plus I have never seemed to be able to counteract some bitterness. Maybe a little sugar? But it is mine, made from fresh peppers. That’s what’s important. Next time you’re around here stop by. If I manage to make it out this summer I’ll try to remember to bring some along. I have about a 3-month supply I figure (most in the freezer).

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