New Beginnings


I can’t believe it! I thought I was happy yesterday, with it being ten months for Tony and I, but this is way better. I was cleaning today and I decided that while I was at it, to get rid of my letters and stuff from Zac. I had kept it all inĀ a box ever since he broke up with me, and I knew it was time to get rid of it. Don’t ask me how I knew, I just knew that today was the day. If I had my guess, it was God telling me: Time to get rid of the past and really live for the future. I read each letter and then watched it as it burned in the fireplace. As each letter went up in flames, it was like a little weight came off my shoulders, as the past fell away. I have been over Zac for a long time, but this was the final step and I can’t believe how much lighter and happier I feel! Now it’s just Tony and me, with nothing but the future before us!

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  1. So that’s why the damper on the fire place was open. Little mysteries solved by reading daughter’s blog… I thought I forgot to close it after the last fire…

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