An Odd House Call


Everyone knows that most famous people do not become so overnight. In fact, the majority of today’s stars led everyday lives and some of them probably wished that they had. Here is but a sampling of the “odd jobs” and other highlights of some famous people.

Dan Aykroyd and Steve Carell both worked for the postal service.

Jennifer Aniston was a telemarketer.

Warren Beatty was a rat catcher.

Lucille Ball was fired from an ice cream parlor for not putting bananas in a banana split.

Boy George (of the 80s group Culture Club who created the Broadway flop musical Taboo) was fired from a supermarket for wearing the store’s bags.

Finally in the 1970s, Tim Allen (in the would rather forget category) spent two years in prison for dealing cocaine.

My personal favorite odd job of the stars would be for Academy Award winner Whoopi Goldberg. Apparently, the Whoopster was a mortuary cosmetologist before she became a stand-up comedienne. The thought of going into a funeral parlor to beautify a dead body seems strange at best. However, my mother who is a beautician herself has visited our local mortuary on several occasions for just that reason. She also has a standing appointment for several of her more mature patrons… talk about making house calls. Apparently, they want no one else touching their hair as they make their way into the great beauty parlor in the sky.

To learn more about other stars before they made it big visit this site:

2 thoughts on “An Odd House Call”

  1. And the actor known as me worked as a substitute teacher before getting his big break… Oh wait, that is called dreaming. 😛 Community theatre will probably always be a better fit for me anyway. 🙂

    I could give just a big Whoop for Goldberg. I lost all respect for her after her “comedy” routine comparing our President to her nether regions became public. But for all of this, it should be a reminder to the 99.9999% of us common folk that these famous actors are just people too, not the idols that Hollywood would make them.

    Ooh- do I sound negative or what? Um. Anybody for the next Chronicles of Narnia movie coming out next week? 🙂

  2. I thought Lion The Witch and the Wardrobe was very good. And I do want to see Prince Caspian…. sounds like a nephew-uncle night out.

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