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Since my last post (Jamy’s last post, not Morat’s) concerned one of my all time favorite actors. I would like to expand a bit on the career of David Hasselhoff. Why you ask? He is just so great and even performed on Broadway in the last few performances of Jekyll & Hyde. “This is the Moment” is one of the greatest songs ever put into a musical. The melody is just breathtaking and the lyric is phenomenal. I recently received a link to the Hoff’s performance of the song on America’s Got Talent. I just hope that the person who won the competition was better than he was. I’m thinking this must have been just after the “hamburger incident” because no one could sound that good and not be in some impaired state. He sounded like a dying elephant. One has to wonder why he is such a big star in Europe. Sharon Osbourne even said it was “absolutely fabulous.” I suppose she would since her husband’s brain has been fried for years. There are so many other great performers who have sung the song either in the show or apart from it. My favorites: Anthony Warlow (from Jekyll & Hyde the gothic musical thriller recording), Michael Ball, & Chris Avell. Honorable mention goes to Sebastian Bach (KIDDING) who also performed on Broadway as Jekyll and Hyde .To see the Hoff butcher a fantastic song please Click Here. Even Morat he say the Hoff was not good.

5 thoughts on “This is the Moment”

  1. Yes, this song is amazing. It is something they should never do in community theater. I have heard too many local singers ruin it for me with their horrid renditions. Though the Hoff might be worse since he is supposed to be a pro.

  2. A tip for Hoff – no matter how much you wave your arms around, it will not help you stay on pitch… absolutely astounding, had to watch it again, it was even worse than I thought! Chris is like, I don’t want to listen to this, and I was like, why not, it’s funny! So then Sammie hears it and comes over, and she’s like, is that Daddy? Which of course gave Chris a reason to feel badly about his singing… but then again, what doesn’t?!? Hoff is always entertaining as far as I’m concerned…

  3. The Incredible Chris mentioned in the same post as the Knight Rider? ‘Ol Dave must be quakin’ in his sneakers! And old is right- I just saw him in the latest Knight Rider sequel Sunday night (no, he isn’t back behind the wheel- Knight Jr., I forget who he’s played by, is the new Knight Rider with Val Kilmer supplying the voice of KITT). He did not age well I think.

  4. Yes, well I had to have someone to compare to the remarkable talent that is the Hoff….Oh, my!!!! Knight, Jr. was played by some actor who was on some soap opera that my mom watches. I was wondering who the voice of KITT was… guess I was bad at guessing the voice. Not as distinctive as Mr. Feeney’s from Boy Meets World or who ever he played on the doctor show he was on in the 80s (St Elsewhere, or something like that?)

  5. As I said, Chris is one of my three favorite singers or performers of that song and I got to hear it twice. TITM is definately a performance as well as a singing piece.

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