Requiem Aeternam


Good heavens this music is HARD!!! It isn’t even the fact that it is written in Latin!! I have had enough vocal training to at least fumble through that. But the parts are just all over the place and some of the parts have notes that do not even make any kind of sense. Oh! Excuse me. I have been trying to practice this piece (Fauvre’s Requiem) which I just had to say I would be part of during the sanctuary dedication at St. Patrick’s Catholic Church . It is not to say that I do not enjoy it; it is sooo FRUSTRATING!!!! It is nearly impossible to practice on your own because listening to the CD is so hard finding when to come in and finding the right notes. I find myself at the piano just plucking the keys. At least last Sunday there were five tenors at rehearsal. I think it was actually easier to be around other singers who tried to sing the same part. While I was a student at Bowling Green State University, I performed in a presentation of Verdi’s Requiem and that actually seemed easier. Perhaps the fact that the choir at B.G. was actually composed of men and women who more or less had a clue about how to perform it instead of throwing a bunch of people together made a difference. But I am sure that it will all come together in the next month. Especially after we get some bodies to fill the risers. Fifteen voices are not going to be heard over an orchestra. But, I have every confidence that it will be a great success.

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