A Toast to The Best!


You know, it’s not easy to be the best at something…  Anything.  Sure, you can be good — even great.  But to be the best it means there is nobody better.  You are IT.  The one, the only one.  The best.

I am good at a few things…  Computers, ummm…  Well, computers.  I am pretty good with computers.  I can probably think of one or two other things I am good at if I try.  But the best?  Nope.  I am “the best” at nothing.  But as amazing as it may seem, I do know a few people who truely are the best at what they do — and it amazes me every day.

First is my wife Lisa.  She is the BEST wife (for me) possible.  Sure, I would be happy with a good wife.  I would be thrilled to have a great wife.  But how the heck did I land THE BEST wife?  It’s true.  There is no one in this world that would be a better wife for me than her.

She understands me; which is hard to do.  She loves me unconditionally; equally hard.  And she always complements my life.  She is the best!  And if you read her blog you will see she is pretty talented at writing too!

Then there is my daughter Disney.  SHE is the best baby anyone could hope for!  She is always smiling, she is super snuggly, she listens well, she is concerned about others, and ooooohhhh soooooo cute!  She is the best.  There couldn’t be a better baby in my life!

Of course there is Samantha.  She drives me crazy!  She is so unique and has such a strong will and strong spirit that she always keeps me on my toes.  Her energy and her unique qualities are just magical to me.  She is just the best.  She is the best at being the excitement this family needs on a daily basis.  There is no other person in our family so uniquely special.  She is just wonderful in such a unique (hair-going-gray-fast) kind of way.

There is also our oldest, Taylor.  She can always put other’s feelings first.  I remember when she was 5 and at the annual easter egg hunt.  Her and another girl were staring down a big chocolate egg and were off to the races.  Taylor got there first and got the egg…  And then promptly handed it to the other girl.  She likes making others feel good, and in our family, she is the best!  She is the best at being sweet and taking care of her sisters!

I have some friends who are the best too.  In fact, my friend Derek is the best at being loyal.  I know many loyal people.  But Derek’s loyality has spanned much time and much trial.  He is simply the best at being loyal (to me).  The guy can also sing like WOW and can sometimes make me look like a computer novice!

My friend John is always able to give quality input to any situation.  He is the best at it…  John has such a vast knowledge of…  Well, everything.  Whenever I need to know anything about anything, I ask John.  You should too.  Because John is the best at this.  There is nobody I know better.  Not to mention that he is a friggin genuis and darn good actor!

Then there is Jamy, another blogger here.  The guy is just plain nice.  All the time, and to everybody.  Yes, he has the art of being a nice guy down perfect.  He is the best at being nice.  Sounds weird to be the best at being nice, but if you meet Jamy you will know what I mean.  But for a nice guy he plays a great bad-guy on stage and is one of the most talented character actors I’ve had the privilage of working with!

I just think all the time about how lucky I am to have such an amazing wonderful family and such great friends. 

This is a toast to you guys, you are all the best!!

Especially Lisa 🙂  Seriously, she is the BEST!!!

5 thoughts on “A Toast to The Best!”

  1. A marvelous post – I have to say I disagree with you on a few points though. You are the best at nothing? Yeah right!!! You are the best at so many things, they can’t all be named in a comment… let’s see, best husband, best father, best friend, best writer, best at being the least selfish person I’ve ever met, best parrot daddy, best at being generous, best at being thoughtful and considerate… I need to stop now and get off my computer, it’s family time, but the list goes on and on! Perhaps the ONLY thing you’re not best at is REALIZING that you’re the BEST!!! 😉

  2. WOW… how to even respond to that. You are the best. The best director, party thrower, friend, I’m not sure I could even write about how great you are. And I cannot wait until I am on stage again with one of my best friends be it under his direction or just being on stage with him.

  3. oops… sorry. I love the irony of being good at being bad. So good he is bad or so bad he is good. I a confuse myself

  4. Thanks C! One more thing you are best at. Getting people from different backgrounds together on common ground just to have fun together. Wonderful talent that.

    Information gathering, that’s what I’m good at. I also have a decent memory for things I find, and I enjoy looking up almost anything. I don’t know everything yet, but I am working on it. 😉

    I won’t comment on the genius line, but yes, I’m a darn good actor.

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