The end is near…


Tonight I write this as I should be partying instead.  Tonight is the end-of-year cast party for the children’s drama.  Or rather, that is what the schedule says.  The party was actually canceled due to lack of interest, plus a general grim outlook on people showing up on Wednesday nights for past rehearsals.  If it was going to be anything like last year’s get-together then I really won’t miss it.  It was a low turnout then and pretty unexciting.  Some ice cream and drinks, and a little bit of small talk.  The kids if I recall did some theatre games.  Those theatre games used to be part of the rehearsals, but this year they got cut due to time, though the director did do some one of the nights.

In any event, the end may have arrived for rehearsals, but we have one more weekend to perform- this coming weekend.  I suggested we have the show “canceled” and have “extras” carry off pieces of the set as we do the drama.  Unfortunately this suggestion was too late and Steve (children’s ministry pastor) cringed at the thought of having to take down and put back up the set for each performance.  I guess it was also kind of a negative note.  The show rather ends more positively by finally discovering the formula my character has been searching for for so long.  Of course the formula involves Jesus, the only super human.  He is the one who makes super heroes out of all of us who are children of God.  At the end we will take our final bows and the mock science show will end.

I really hope the performance goes without a hitch.  Last week I was the only regular cast member there for my performance time.  Another was prepared as a fill-in, but the rest just didn’t show up.  Steve said he knew a couple wouldn’t be there, but my guess is he didn’t have much advance notice as we had to scramble to get others to fill in, and needless to say they had to perform with scripts.  Something that was actually quite regular last year, but praise God was not so much of a problem this year.  The last episode is supposed to be the most memorable, so I pray that it is memorable in the right way…

Well, this wasn’t my regular sub-post, but you already knew I had PE at the one school again.  Basically, same thing different students.  Softball all day with similar pluses and minuses as the previous days’ kickball.  Until tomorrow then, when it looks like I will break the middle-school rut with second grade.  I will also get to sleep in an extra hour… 😉

8 thoughts on “The end is near…”

  1. So the drama of live theatre even rears it’s ugly head in Church! Break a leg Derek; keep up the awesome work you do with your Church and in the service of Christ!

  2. What a drag… so glad we don’t have such drama in our small theatre group… right?! Break a leg, D 🙂

  3. BREAK A LEG! Ahh, theater drama, and I don’t mean on the stage… I had a nightmare last night that I was in a play and didn’t know my lines… it was awful. Then Chris volunteered me to choreograph the children’s exit – there were about 40 of them on risers! I will stay behind the scenes, thank you!

  4. Heh. I have had dreams like that, being in plays and not knowing my lines.

    taylhis choreographing exit of 40 kids: “Okay, we’re done, just head offstage now. walk, run, run each other over- I don’t care. Bye.” 😀

  5. I think we all have had that dream. I find myself dreaming of shows from years past and forgetting my lines… memorable shows, too (not Morat’s though. Joseph, where are you? Tell me what they show… can you guarantee to get it right?

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