Where Have You Gone Joe Dimaggio?


Tonight was my first real rehearsal for Little Women. It seems like it has been forever since we had our read through almost 2 weeks ago. The director even commented that it seems like forever since I have been there. The last week has been for the March sisters to meet and discuss. Before rehearsal began, some of us were discussing the current musical Spring Awakening. I know very little about it aside from the fact that it probably would be much too controversial to present in our small community theatre. We then played a game of sorts by connecting the dots between various musicals. For instance, what do My Fair Lady and The Music Man have in common. Or perhaps, Gypsy and The Sound of Music. Call it a mini quiz for you hearty souls brave enough to try.

Rehearsal itself was quite interesting. We did manage to sing through five of the seventeen songs in the show. Not bad when you have as many as 5 different parts singing at once. There were even times when two entirely different melodies were supposed to be sung at the same time. Let’s just say that “The Weekly Volcano Press” is probably the most challenging piece in the show.

After the songs I was a part of were finished, I was told that I could go if I wanted to. Hmm… Mr. Director not know Morat too well do he? I stuck around, listened, and tried to help those around me when I could which at times was quite interesting. I found myself trying to help the young man playing Theodore Laurence III (“Laurie”) by softly humming along as he sang his part in “Five Forever.”

I even found myself learning more about my character, the evil stock character villain Braxton Prendergast, by listening to the other songs being sung. I cannot wait to block the scenes I am in. Quite melodramatic (perhaps more popcorn or skittles to be thrown, but I doubt that that would be allowed… maybe some cheers for the villain would be appropriate). But all in all, I thought it was a very rewarding rehearsal.

THEN… I GOT HOME and caught the lowlights of the Yankees and Orioles game. So much for A-Rod’s return. Baltimore scored seven runs in the first inning. The final score was Baltimore 12…. New York 2?! Which puts the Bronx Bombers record at 20-25. UGH!!!!

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4 thoughts on “Where Have You Gone Joe Dimaggio?”

  1. Five parts at once? Two melodies together? Sounds like some enjoyable music once all of you get it down. Makes me want to see if the library has this one.

  2. couldn’t find your post about Indiana Jones, so I’ll just remind you here – if you see the movie on Thurs in B town, it’s BYOB night – you bring your own bag or container (any size!) they will fill it with popcorn for free! Bet they didn’t think of that when they decided to carry that movie and have opening day as THURS… watch out for sold out crowds!

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