Next On Dancing With The Stars…

One of those rare amusing email forwards caught my eye, so I’ll share.  Besides, my last post was kind of a downer; here’s something funny to counteract it:

Next Season on Dancing With The Stars:

3 thoughts on “Next On Dancing With The Stars…”

  1. LOL! The irony of this is that Bristol is one of the twelve celebrity dancer. As well as the Hoff, and “Carol Brady” herself. Still won’t watch.

  2. Heh. I didn’t comment before because my interest in the show falls just above watching the weeds grow in the backyard, but this time I took a closer look at that photo. 😀

  3. That’s funny Derek, I’m glad you gave it a second look – though I am curious about what prompted the second look… oh maybe jamiahsh’s comment, that makes sense.
    I don’t watch the show either, I just thought it was a funny picture that was well edited.

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