Boxing Day

No…I am not celebrating the British holiday a few months early.  Today, the family gathered at the home of my oldest brother to celebrate the birthday of two of our youngsters.  I guess once you go beyond 18 years, my family does not age.  We also got to meet big brother’s new friend who was introduced in typical fashion:  “This is (____). This is everyone.”  So our uncle got up and did a more traditional introduction.

Apparently, the two groups of parents failed to get the cake situation correct.  Both groups swore the other was to order it and pick it up.  As it happened, grandma ran into Big Brother and his friend at Wal Mart yesterday.   In the end, Grandma and Grandpa went to Dairy Queen in hopes of finding an ice cream cake.  No one better complain about the design.

As the party progressed, some of us ventured over to the Wii.  Bowling, boxing, and Guitar Hero seemed to rule the day.  The boxing is definitely one of the most entertaining games to watch others play as evidenced but the following video.  You may have to click the link… not sure if it will be embedded directly on the post.

And it’s always a good day when the Cowboys get beat!  I’m sure there is another tangenteer who is absolutely ecstatic!

10 thoughts on “Boxing Day”

  1. Sorry, derek. I din’t think that you had to have a fb account to see it. I will attempt to have him upload it to youtube… if he hasn’t already.

  2. Yep, you have to login to FB to see the video – no thanks 🙂
    I try to avoid that whenever possible. So yeah, if he uploads it to youtube, let us know!
    Glad you had fun!
    Happy Birthday x 2!

  3. UPDATE: For all to enjoy, we have the youtube video of my brother and I in our entertaining boxing match. Trust me, seeing the video like this is even better than watching the video game.

  4. Very amusing…
    I take it from the video and from the clever title (my uncle fails at boxing – love it!) that you lost. But it looked like fun! If only your brother didn’t look so eager to pound his brother though… 🙂

  5. Yes, I lost at boxing but was triumphant at Guitar Hero. But it was very amusing. I thought the video was even funnier than the playing.

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