The Bears and a Full-Time Acting Gig


Well, another Bears season is upon us…  And this one looks much like last one; minus the high hopes from Bears fans.

Even though we opened the season with a divisional win (the opposite of last year) it was against the 2-33 Lions.  Yes, 2 wins in the last 35 games for the poor cats in Detroit.

Also, it was a game we could have easily lost.  And, in fact, we probably would have if it weren’t for a very questionable/controversial new rule.  In the final minute of the game Lion’s backup QB (Hill) threw what looked like a perfect TD pass/catch to the WR (Johnson).  However, as Johnson fell to the ground with the ball in one hand — it popped loose as it hit the turf.

To fans, this looked like a TD.  He was clearly in the end zone with possession of the ball.  HOWEVER, the rule says he has to complete the “process” of the catch.  In other words, he needs to hang on to that ball until motion stops.

The refs at the game got the call RIGHT.  Under the rule it is NOT a catch.  However, as a fan I say they should change that rule — it really should be a catch.

BUT, I will happily take the WIN and a 1-0 start to the season.  After all, the football season is only 16 games.  So, for you baseball fans, that is equivalent to a 10-0 record.  😉

This week the Bears play the hailed Dallas Cowboys – a team expected to have a serious Super Bowl shot this year.  It’s gonna be tough for these Bears to squeak out a win there.  However, if we do 2-0 will be very sweet indeed and the Bears may have new life in a division expected to be dominated by the Rodgers-lead Packers followed by the Farve-lead Vikings.

Now this next part of my post is completely unrelated.  But I am not about to make TWO posts and set a dangerous precedent.

Our Church has about the BEST (NON-PAID) ACTING GIG ever.  You actor folks, read this…  Here are the bullet points:

  • New Starring Role Each Week
  • “Full-Time” Only Takes a TOTAL of 1 Hour and 30 Minutes from your WEEK!
  • No Auditions, No Blocking (it is up to the ACTOR)
  • Zero Rehearsal (The actor is in charge of his/her performance!)
  • Great Character Roles
  • Super Engaged and Energetic Audience Every Time
  • Sold Out House Every Performance
  • Costumes, Set, Props All Setup and Ready for You Every Week
  • Complete Line Memorization is Not Required
  • Professional Stage with Top-of-the-Line Sound & Lighting Equipment
  • Professional Award-Winning Scripts
  • Improvisation and Audience Participation
  • Working with Kids 1st – 5th Grade who Adore the Characters
  • Never an Audition – Cast from Within.  Do this Gig and You will be Offered Opportunities to Perform for Full-House (Adult) Audiences on Other Occasions in a Huge “Auditorium”
  • Rewarding in Praise, Adoration (from Kids), and Sharing God’s Word
  • Get to Work with Two Cool People Named Chris & Lisa

Yes, this is the DREAM acting gig.  It is also challenging as it is completely up to the actor to develop and prepare his character (which changes each week).  Not only all this above, but you are also teaching kids about the Truth which can only be found from the Source.  But for you, there is no preaching/teaching involved.

So, if you know anyone who has the following attributes:

  1. Christian
  2. Creative
  3. Good With / Enjoys Kids
  4. Great Character Actor
  5. Able to Accept the Challenge of Developing a (scripted) Role
  6. Energetic and Charismatic
  7. Can Handle a New Starring Role Each Week
  8. Experience with Audience Participation
  9. Experience with Character Improvisation
  10. Can Command a Stage (Roles often include being only on on stage – “Host”)
  11. Able to Memorize / Familiarize Themselves with Lines Quickly

So if you know anyone who has these characteristics and is ready to be the starring actor at a very professional, always full-house, theatre that shares the Word of God…  Let me know.

The performances are every Sunday from 9:30AM – 10:00AM in Bryan.  11AM – 11:30AM performances may also be available!  There is no doubt here…  This is the best acting gig ever. So perhaps, if you have been wondering what all your acting efforts have been leading to — if there is a higher purpose for which you were GIVEN your talents — maybe this is it.  🙂

“…From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked.” – Luke 12:48 NIV

9 thoughts on “The Bears and a Full-Time Acting Gig”

  1. Actually, Full-Time is misleading. Even though the Gig means you get to act for a full house EVERY WEEK, it is far from full-time. In fact, yours-truly is the “Host” now and it only take me about 1 hour on Saturday to prepare (lines) and then 30 minutes on Sunday. So ADD that to the bullet benefits — only 1hr and 30min week commitment!

  2. IF you could convince the boss to let me have Sunday mornings free… I would Soooo be there. Believe me I have tried. Even the one Sunday/month of singing in my own choir is difficult at best. It would be SUPER fun and rewarding all at once and worth more than all the riches in the world.

    Plus GO BEARS! I heard about the controversy.

  3. What is with these Chicago “professional” sports teams anyway, giving us non-professional caliber seasons? The Cubs were so terrible this year, as far as I was concerned, it seemed like an MLB strike year.

    I think you do a great job with the “host” role, but I would like to see one of our other actor friends give it a try. I think they would really like it. After all, isn’t a steady acting gig something that’s sought after? Seems that way after reading the blogs sometimes…

    Jamiahsh – perhaps the boss would be more willing to work with Sunday mornings for you at a time when you won’t need other days of the week off for other things… just a thought if you are truly interested.

    Oh, and I wouldn’t say the gig means you get to “work” with me. I get to watch, and I promise to keep my kids in line while the “host” performs!! It’s really fun!!!

  4. *AHEM* Thank you for your interest in my talents. 🙂

    Sadly I will have to turn the role down as the commute just doesn’t work for me, my apologies. Jamiahsh will do a fine job in my place though. 😉

    Seriously, I do miss drama at my own church since they turned to prerecorded drama for the kid’s ministry.

  5. There are a FEW of my friends who would fit the bill here. D and Jamy included, but of course — with D’s living in Illinois (yuck!)… However, I must admit, Jamy is the one who I am trying to… Um… PERSUADE.

  6. I am not the one who needs persuasion (but I am trying) 😉 And as for the second topic of the post. WOO HOO… Bears beat the Cowboys!

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