Space, the Final Frontier…


Just a quick post before work to let you all know of something I just read in the paper.  You can actually go up on one of NASA’s final two shuttle missions.  Well, your image can anyway.  NASA has set up a page where you can upload your photo which will be sent up in one of the shuttles- you can even select which one!  You will even get a certificate for it after the flight, though I think you have to print it out yourself.  Anyway,  here is the URL:


3 thoughts on “Space, the Final Frontier…”

  1. At first I was going to say no thanks – I’m not a flier. I’d (maybe) consider flying in an airplane for a golden opportunity trip overseas, but there is no way I’m setting any kind of goal to get myself on a space shuttle. Now as for a pic of my face or a pic of my kids flying to space… maybe.

  2. I participated, and that was pretty cool!! It was free, can’t remember if you mentioned that or not… I had a bit of an issue getting the 6 of us to fit in the window of the space shuttle, but it was still fun. Going to send an email to families I know about it since it was cool!! THANKS!!

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