Oh no a bad e-book The story sounded so good. Man tries to investigate the mysterious death of his father. Father died when the son was young. Nobody wants him to look into it. Leave the past alone.

Where did it go wrong. I really gave up counting the ways. The prologue was good, and I thought the rest of the book would be another page turner. I was wrong. I forced myself to read a few chapters, maybe it would get better. Nope.

The mystery and plot to drive that was given in the prologue. Up to chapter 7 were all the things that were going on in the main character’s life. His business was having problems, he had problems with his mother, brother, daughter. He had problems with his business partner. Maybe if I continue reading he would have problems with his wife. I’m not sure, I quit. Except for finding some of his father’s sailing journals (his mother than burned them), there was nothing happening about discovering the mystery death.

Quite frankly, I’ve been using this book to help me get to sleep. I stopped doing that because I was afraid I would drop my nook off the bed. That got me to the start of chapter 7. Yawn… I’m getting tired writing about it….

If you need an insomnia cure, run out to the library and see if they have Timothy Frost’s “Final Passage”. Cheaper than sleeping pills. Just don’t load it on a book reader, you may fall asleep and then break your reader when you drop it.

Good point — It was free… 🙁

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  1. I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy my nautical thriller ‘Final Passage’. It has 146 ratings on the Barnes & Noble site with an average of 3.5 stars, and many 4 and 5 star reviews. Here are the two most recent:

    Great book by a New Author.
    Posted June 5, 2010, 5:07 PM EST: I loved this book, it grabs you and you can’t put it down. A Thrilling Adeventure with a Sailing backdrop. I will be looking forward to more from Timothy Frost. I think we have a new Clive Cussler here.

    Enjoyed Immensely!
    Posted June 1, 2010, 6:11 PM EST: Final Passage is a page-turner, written in a wonderfully fluid style, with twists and turns and a great finish. I read it practically nonstop. The author has an obvious knowledge of sailing, and draws even the non-sailing reader(like me)right in with his fabulous descriptive sailing jargon. But it was the plot and style that I liked the most. I am now looking for more from Mr. Frost.

    The book is currently offered free of charge and has brought pleasure to many.

    No book can please all readers.

    Tim Frost

  2. Tim

    Welcome to my little blog site. I’ll tell you what, since you are kind enough to post on my blog, I’ll actually be kind enough to finish the book. If I change my mind, I’ll put it here, and post something at B&N.

    I’m just an avid read and blog writer. Maybe I didn’t give it a fair read. If the stuff I thought dragged so much is important in the rest of the book, I will even admit I am wrong.

  3. Fair enough! Actually this book was written 7 years ago, it was my first attempt at writing a novel and your comments on the first half are quite common (although others rave about the whole thing. Strange). My new book will be out in a month or so and I’ll be happy to send you a preview copy.
    For myself, I couldn’t finish any of the Stieg Larsson books and found them both dreary and unpleasant.
    As to finding your blog – there’s no place to hide from Google!

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