Do Klingons type?


When one goes on a trip, they all go.  I really need more readers for my blog.  Sigh.

Well, on the lighter side is a look at some weird computer keyboards I just read about on another site.  Here are just two examples:

Just click here to go to PC Worlds’s article and read about these keyboards and more, including one for the Trekkie in most of us. 🙂

7 thoughts on “Do Klingons type?”

  1. Nah, don’t feel guilty. You reply to what catches your eye like me. I really do need more readers though- I don’t think in the last year I have ever gotten any non-spam replies from any but the three of you. I have let others know about the blog, and have even been told by one he really enjoyed it, but it seems the only posters have always my three fellow bloggers, with the occasional post by our admin. I really wonder why so few post comments?

  2. Derek, I’ve been wondering about the readership/posters too. It seems like I have about 15-20 ‘daily readers’. Of those I have 5 or 6 that will reply. I can get a lot more readers if I make some posts on a couple of forums I belong too, but they come in for a quick look and leave. Not sure how to get them to stay and reply. I guess there is little of interest for them.

  3. I suppose we need at least 100 daily readers, probably more, to get significantly more posters. Of course a dozen or so more computer-proficient friends would also mean more posts, a far higher percentage than that of readers from another forum- so time for me to go and make some friends? 😛

  4. I was so busy worrying about your painting I didn’t get a chance to scroll down and look at this one till tonight.

    I don’t want you to think I’m a total Trekky geek, which I’m not, but in order to be a Klingon keyboard, you would need symbols I believe. I know this from hanging out with my Trekky geek friends.

    And also, I’m an avid reader of your blog. I’m a little behind, as I just started this whole blog reading adventure, but I’m slowly getting them all read.

    Still no luck on your painting, by the way. I was really bummed. I have an artist friend that I gave your link to so he could give it a good looking over, and he was not familiar with it. He did like it, though. Maybe you need to wait for an Antiques Road Show to come through your area???? They know EVERYTHING!!! 😉

  5. Did you go to the link? They have more than the two I pictured there, including the Klingon keyboard which does indeed have Klingon symbols. I’m not sure you will actually see the symbols onscreen without a Klingon language pack though, which I am not sure actually exists.

    Thanks again for looking into the mystery painting. I haven’t blogged in so long now I knew there must be a reason- to help you catch up! 😛

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