You won’t know what hit you


That’s the last thing I remember the nurse saying this morning before my ‘little medical procedure’. The next thing I knew I was back in the ‘staging’ area. I’m not sure what they gave me, but the procedure was relatively painless.

I wish I could say the same thing about the pre-surgery preparation. I can’t. If there is anything that would prevent me from seeing a Dr. again, it would be this preparation.

I was able to find someone much better with words than I am to tell you about the procedure. Mine was the non-Abba version.

Dave Barry’s colonoscopy.

Funny read, but serious stuff.

7 thoughts on “You won’t know what hit you”

  1. Derek, The Dave Barry Column is really funny, and that comes from somebody who just experienced it. Slightly exaggerated, but very true, and when looked back on, funny.

  2. Suffice it to say Dave Barry did an excellent job of describing the procedure. Further input from me would be unnecessary.

  3. I’ve always enjoyed Dave Barry – and that one was really good! Thanks for sharing. Glad to hear yours went ok. Now I have to get Admin to read it…
    He is still scarred from the “Prep Juice”. Whenever I mix a jug of clear vitamin water for us, he makes me put food coloring in it otherwise it reminds him too much of the “prep juice”. Can’t believe he had a final dress rehearsal (with an audience!) playing a lead role on the night of the “shuttle launch” – that was an experience!

  4. He was on stage during the ‘Launch’!!! Dang, that prep juice made me ill just drinking it, not including its intended effect.

    If I have to do it again, I want the new pill form. Only problem I can see with that is getting the required amount of liquid. The prep juice kind of makes it automatic.

  5. I heard about some new technique that’s not quite as invasive… I hope they tweak that and get it ready by the time it’s my turn. Though I should probably do it early since it runs in the family, ugh.

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