Thoughts on a new day


Today had a rough start. I knew that in advance, so I did little things to prepare for it. One was taking an entire day of vacation, instead of just a partial day. Another was to go with the flow of the day.

I went to the funeral of a young man I barely knew. I do know his parents. I know his father very well. We’ve worked together for that past 16+ years.

Funerals something I generally try to avoid. I’ve been that way all my life, but for the past 5+ years I’ve really developed an immense dislike for them. I will go to them when people I know need support I might be able to give. It was still a rough morning.

As to going with the flow… Well after the funeral I thought it would be nice to spend some time with friends. A little time not thinking about the final aspect of life. It was a good choice. Lunch with good friends made the difference in the day.

Just thought I would share.

4 thoughts on “Thoughts on a new day”

  1. And likewise…
    There are several stressors going on over here as well, and we were contemplating how to spend the day wrestling with them. Turns out, the best thing to do was to NOT sit and dwell! I think today could have been pretty bad for us too, but instead, it was a wonderful day! Thanks.

  2. I still remember the last funeral I went to. It was for my uncle’s girlfriend whom none of us had ever met, nor her family. The only ones I knew there were my uncle and the few of us who went to support him.

  3. I REALLY remember the last funeral I went to. I think the best thing to do when it is for someone you are really close to think about the good times you had with them and not so much on the rather dismal final moments. The support you can give and share with those surrounding you as well as receiving is probably the most rewarding thing.

  4. I have only been to a small handful of funerals since my own mothers back in 1980. I also “don’t do funerals” unless I absolutely have to. I am what you call a bawl baby and do no good to people most times. I am much better at seeing them or calling them a week or so later, and asking how they are doing. I’m sorry to hear of your coworker’s loss. I’m glad you got to have some happy time with your friends after.

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