I just found out today that Amie is no longer going down to Texas to be the live-in-nanny for her sister-in-law. In fact, her sister-in-law is going to be coming up here next month after Amie’s brother goes over seas. I am excited and scared at the same time. I am glad that Amie is not leaving, though it seems to me that there is something coming between us lately. It hurts, but I also know it happens. I am also scared that her sister-in-law will say things to me, like she has been doing. That hurts worse than losing Amie’s friendship because it is not just about me. It deals with my friends and my boyfriend! I am praying that things will turn out differently than what I think is going to happen. I am praying that God will help patch up what has happened in the past and build our friendship again, and maybe it will be easier between Amie and myself.

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  1. Hopefully you and Amie can keep close; but all friendships take effort and maintenence. As for what your Sis-In-Law says… Who cares. Talk is talk. People will always say stuff. Your true friends will always listen to your side of the story, not just the “other” side.

    So let he gab away about you, your friends, and your boyfriend. She probably says such things because she is insecure and wants to make sure he knows that you were not good for him. The best thing you can do is give it no credence and just move forward.

    Let her say what she wants and you ignore it. Don’t respond to it, don’t get into a she-said/she-said with her… Just act exactly like you would if it wasn’t happening. And when someone says “do you know what she said now” you say “no, and I don’t care”.

    The BEST way to strip someone like that of their “power” is to not care; ignore them. When she realizes you do not care what she says and it doesn’t have any emotional impact on you she will start to feel small and petty.

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