Did You Say MacGuffin Or McMuffin?


Perhaps in an attempt to cash in on the Indiana Jones craze sweeping the nation (not to mention this blog), a treasured crystal skull was stolen from a New Age store in Claremont, California.

Hunt for the Crystal Skull Begins Early

Let me just point out that I was nowhere near California on the date in question.

Perhaps authorities should begin by questioning the two three young men (?) responsible for grave robbing to retrieve a skull to use as a bong. I was surprised to learn of the laid-back nature of the store. Although they have never had any trouble with shoplifting in the past, it would seem that such a high profile item would draw considerable attention. As with the MacGuffins (the Ark of the Covenant, Sankara stones, and the Holy Grail) used in the previous 3 Indy adventures, the crystal skull does have its basis in reality perhaps just not as widely known as some of the others.

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4 thoughts on “Did You Say MacGuffin Or McMuffin?”

  1. hehe – it was 3 young men, but yes… perhaps the crystal skull would have made a better device than the human skull – that is not something I ever want to find out. Both sets of perps are not nice people!!!

  2. Perhaps Indy IV is what these thieves had in mind when they took it. Adolescents trying to show how “cool” they are. Or was it valuable?

  3. I’m a thinking the movie had more to do with it then the actual worth of the item… other opinions?

  4. I sure hope you’re using your correct affiliate links! Hey and see the contest! I expect you to bring at least 5 new bloggers so get cracking!!

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