Busy, busy, busy


For the past four days, I have been helping out my friend Amie while she babysits while her mom is down in Texas. You see, Cheryl (Amie’s mom) went down to Texas to help her daughter-in-law, Angel, and Angel’s son, Aidien, move up here, while Zac (Amie’s brother) is over seas. The problem, what was going to be a two week thing has turned into being a whole month! Apparently Angel called and said she couldn’t deal with it, it was all too much to handle on her own and she needed Cheryl down there as soon a possible. Yes, I understand that her husband is going over to Afganistan, and her son is a premie, but is it really necassary for Cheryl to be there a whole month while Amie is up here doing Cheryl’s job and not getting paid for it? Amie was supposed to go down and help Angel for the summer, and get paid, so she would have some money for college in the fall, but that was changed, and now she’s helping her mom for nothing! Amie’s not too happy about it, and to tell the truth, neither am I! Amie is working so hard with these kids and is going to have five children at a time some days. I am staying with Amie and helping her this month, so she doesn’t go crazy. There are days that I will be going back to my house to do some chores around the house, but a lot of the time, I will be over with Amie, because a month is too long for her to have to do this for free. Yesterday, Amie went to her friend’s graduation party while I watched the kids, so hopefully she will be able to do that occassionaly, because I get to leave when I feel like I need to, or should so I can do things at my house, and spend some time with Tony. So I am hoping to do the same for her: let her spend time with her boyfriend and other friends. She will need breaks and I want to be there when she does.

Once Angel gets up here, she and Aidien will be staying with Amie and her family. The problem is that Aidien has to stay downstairs because of his oxygen and other stuff, so Angel has to sleep down there too, but there isn’t really anywhere for her to sleep. Cheryl stays on the couch so she can get up when the kids start to arrive. And another thing, with all the stuff for the kids that Cheryl babysits, there really isn’t room for all the stuff Aidien needs either. Amie isn’t very happy with what is going on, but she really can’t do much, since Angel is family and it’s her mom who is letting them stay. Plus, with the way things are between Angel and myself, it will make things a little difficult for Amie, I think. Angel isn’t very thrilled with me, though I really haven’t figured out why. I have asked Amie about it, and she really doesn’t know either. I have tried to patch things up, to help Amie, but Angel keeps pushing my attempts away, so it’s really up to her, if things are going to get better between us while she’s here.

On a lighter note, Amie has kittens in her garage. There are five cute little kittens and Amie has named them all. There is George because he’s verycurious, Cotton because she’s so fluffy and soft, Jet because she just takes off, Juno and Telula just because Amie liked those names.

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  1. Like I said I may get Republic Commando so you and if Amie would like to, take you anger out on “tinnine”(Droids in Commando Slang), because sometimes one just need to exhaust their frustration somehow, for me tearing things apart(Like my Desktop) or destroying things in games seems to help.

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