Wild And Crazy Kids And Some Other People


Yesterday (it was yesterday as I am making this post) was a fantastic fun-filled day full of little people, great friends, and a surprise or two. It actually began last night when I received a phone message that I was to return to see if I would like to do something this weekend. It was a good thing we did not plan it for Friday night with all the storms in the area. Instead, a bunch of us went to an indoor Entertainment Complex known as Crazy Pinz full of arcade games, games of skill, mini-golf, and mini bowling (which I must admit to being a real master of… my score may not have shown it but a master nonetheless). Watching C walk up the lane crawling on his hands and knees to fix the lane several times was humorous at times. Then it got to the point where it became ridiculous.

There was also a very fun and if you were not careful, addictive, Deal or No Deal game. However, the prize was not ONE MILLION DOLLARS, but anywhere from 1-200 (or 2-400 depending upon which version you played) tickets to be redeemed for prizes. I did pretty well collecting tickets from this game (better than the bowling which was great too).

The surprise came in when we were getting ready to sit at a table to enjoy a small break. I suddenly felt someone wrap her arms around me and say “Guess Who?” After giving up or just allowing my captor to get off her tiptoes, I discovered my “Aunt” Carol standing behind me. She then led me over to her group where my cousin was having a gathering of her own at the bowling alley. Some of them were dressed for what seemed like Halloween party or a superhero convention. Stacy was dressed as the Amazon Princess Wonder Woman. There was also a Batgirl, Catwoman, and a few others in costumes I do not remember. But how strange was that?!

After eating dinner, and being taken back home, I was ready to crash. A great day but most great days do seem to wear you out. I did forget to mention the rather lame amusement park roller coaster simulation that gave you the sense of nausea however, none of the rush of speed and euphoria felt during the real thing. Just watching it from behind I kind of got the same impression.

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