The Sun WILL Come OUT!

I have it on good authority that tomorrow will be a beautiful day.  I just don’t listen to the weatherman!  It wouldn’t rain on my parade!  I got to sit in with the Bryan City Band at rehearsal (the director found me a suitable tuba, thank you!) and conduct my piece.  He asked me before rehearsal began how I was going to start.  Holding the tuba, I held one hand up and started going one, two… down, up (down beat is one, up beat is two).  But how was I going to set the tempo for the band to follow?  Get it in your head, give a little suggestive beat to the ensemble and BRING IT!

A few of the selections were familiar.  Richard Wagner’s Die Meistersinger is a piece I remember ALL TOO WELL from high school and it was no easier tonight than 18 years ago.  There was medley of music from the 60s.  A lesser known (to me, anyway) J.P. Sousa march called Fairest of the Fair.  And a variety of others.

My moment had finally arrived.  As I made my way from the back of the band to the podium, I was given an impromptu introduction.  I took my place behind the conductor’s stand with the baton.  I gave the tempo, gave the down beat, and…. nothing.  I forgot to BRING IT!  Try again.  It worked!  It was such a thrill.  WHAT A RUSH!  You darn well bet ya that I will not fail to bring it tomorrow night.  Just keep the beat alive.

Well… let’s hope I get some friends, WCCT fans, BCB fans, AND FAMILY! there tomorrow night.  But, once again, it is Jubilee week on the square so come early and bring your chair/blanket to sit on!

3 thoughts on “The Sun WILL Come OUT!”

  1. We will try to make it. Doesn’t really seem like Beeber’s thing, so that will be interesting to figure out what to do with him. Plus we’re running on empty since the puppy woke Dis who kept us up all night…
    Would anyone like a cute little Beagle mix puppy? Maybe I will wear a ‘free puppy to a good home’ sandwich board to the Jubilee if I make it…

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