Happy Birthday Dad!


Not that my Father would have every seen this, even while alive he did not access the internet. If my math is correct, he would have been 86 today. He died in 2001 at the tender age of 77.

Dad’s birthday was very close to Fathers Day, and being at the start of Summer it was always a time to celebrate. Of course Dad liked his desserts so there would have been at least 1 maybe two if Fathers Day and his birthday were celebrated on the same day.

So with Fathers Day coming up this Sunday and my Dad’s birthday today, I’m going to celebrate and remember by having his helping of dessert. Sunday, I will even eat the dessert first…

12 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Dad!”

  1. Wow… another June birthday… I didn’t have the pleasure of meeting your father, but if I had, I would have known people with birthdays June 15, 16, 17 (x2), and 18. Not to mention all the many other June birthdays – including his granddaughter, of course 🙂 – we are celebrating this month.

  2. Happy Birthday, J’s Dad! I always like to eat dessert first! I know many June birthday people, too. Just not that many in successive days!

  3. Angel_of_night

    Yes jamiahsh we are celebrating this month, along with JustJ’s Fathers Birthday, it is also my wedding Anniversary, it was 9 years yesterday (as I’m writing this on Wednesday). Happy Whatever for Everyone in June!

  4. relatively speaking

    Eating dessert first sounds like a good plan. Too bad we can’t get one of Mom’s homemade treats!!!

  5. Papa let us eat our dessert first, so in honor of your dad, you should let your daughter eat her dessert first. Love you, Daddy! Miss you, Papa!

  6. Draclet, Like I said, after I had kids I could eat dessert first at his house. I can do it whenever I want now. 😉

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