Fearless At the Jubilee


AHHHH, my moment had arrived!  What a great rush!  It was almost like being on a roller coaster.  Thank you Terry for the opportunity by donating the gig to the WCCT.  Back in January while waiting for my pal to come over the radio during the Blizzard Auction, I heard the item up for bid.  I thought it would be an extraordinary and priceless experience.  A female bidder and I went at it and I finally got it for $72,341.56. LOL 😀  If I had that much money, I am sorry to say that I would not be here.

Prior to the 8 o’clock start time, the director had a few words of encouragement and asked me for a bio.  I actually thought about giving him one last night, but his intro was just fine.  I had some family (biological and chosen) in the audience and apparently a sizable fan club as I heard a loud cheer come over the crowd as I was called to the podium.  After another helpful assist in starting the tempo, I was really ready to roll… no false start tonight.  I was maybe the tiniest bit nervous until I gave the down beat and the opening strain of The Stars and Stripes Forever began.  I was in control and I relished every moment of it.

After my conducting was done, Terry reclaimed the baton and told me that it was “Very Well Done!”  I knew it was.  It felt that good!  After the concert was over, I greeted my family, friends, band mates, well wishers and walked with Megan, Carol, and Brock to the Little Theatre.  I still had one mission to complete but I did not see him at the concert. I walked to C&Ls house after phoning them to see if it was all right to stop over for a few minutes.  After I got no response, I KNEW they had to be there somewhere.  After making a lap around the square, I decided to hang around with a few of the remaining band members.  Within moments, here comes Tay and Sam.  PERFECT!  Strangely enough, they were really close to the bandstand and had a great view of my moment in the spotlight!

Then I saw C, pushing Beebs and Dis in the stroller.  I was not leaving until I gave my mentor and friend his birthday present (an hour or three early but who knows what tomorrow will bring).  He admitted that he knew nothing about directing but said I looked good.  Any compliment is a good one!  Then we walked the grounds watching the little ones ride.  I went on the Rock and Roll Wheel with the fearless one.  Think a ferris wheel on which you are in a cage which flips around as the ferris wheel turns.  It was fun!

Then at 11, a cart driven by Jubilee workers came around and told a group of teenagers to disperse as it was closing time.  The adults with the four little ones were ignored.

Tired but not tired.  It was so much fun.  I wish my work schedule allowed me to be off Tuesday and Wednesday nights throughout the summer.  Thanks Terry, Polly, and the Bryan City Band for an unforgettable experience.  Another addition to me resume, too!

5 thoughts on “Fearless At the Jubilee”

  1. How rude of me. Taylhis was getting food, I believe when the rest met up with me. And I had a wonderful time with ALL of you!

  2. Nope… strike 2 😉 I was taking Dis to the potty. The extra 2-3 block walk home was well worth not having to take a kid in the port-a-potty, yuck.

  3. Yeah… given the choice, I would go the extra 2-3 blocks, too. The food must have been a scandalous rumor. 😀 Still some of the best Jube memories ever! Or at least the last several years.

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