The Buzz, Buzz, Buzz of Those Irritating Bs


Good rehearsals and not so good rehearsals… all good just some better than others. ¬†Yesterday was one of those “some better than others.” ūüėČ Only made it through two songs… the last 2 on my song list. ¬†The first song was the one giving me all the headaches. ¬†Probably concentrating to hard… relax! And the note I was having trouble with was a lot of bs … no really there were probably 10 of those little devils wrecking havoc, but they felt like a load of well… HEHEHE ¬†However, I decided that instead of throwing the song out the window and not wanting anything more to do with it, I decided to go back for round number two. ¬†Much improvement!

The second piece always had some problems for one big reason. ¬†I had made a copy for myself and let K have the original. ¬†Looking at both copies, I discovered that I had two pages in reverse order! ¬†Fixed everything! ¬†And not one flaw… THIS TIME! … “I AM my own worst critic”

I also purchased a copy of K’s new debut CD. ¬†Kind of a folksy sound that I really like. ¬†She wrote most (if not all of the 12 songs) herself and included her oldest son in one of my favorite pieces on the disc “1 Plus 1 Is Drew.” ¬†Follow the link to the website to preview the effort and perhaps purchase the album digitally or a hard copy.

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