Just remember this is from someone who really likes hot sauces…


My little girl in Florida (along with her husband of course) got me the most wonderful present. It could have been for Father’s Day or maybe my birthday. They hadn’t shipped it, and I was last there at Christmas and I didn’t get it then. But anyway, this present was a wonderful collection of hot sauces. All well up on the scale of things hot and spicy. My son-in-law had to sign a waiver to buy them, good stuff that. I think I will try them out in different foods to determine which one I like best….

Hot Sauce Death Pack

First one in the package was Dave’s Insanity Sauce. My little family knows about this sauce, I’ve had it before and it is quite potent. I add a drop or so to my bowl of chili, just to liven things up a bit. I will write more on that one later.

Today I tried “Smack my ass and call me Sally” hot sauce. The bottle comes with a warning label on it.

WARNINGThis sauce is extremely hot. Keep away from children. Do not use if you have heart or respiratory problems. Wash hands after use.

I tried this in Florida on a cracker or something like that. Just one drop and it is VERY hot. I added some to my quick dinner tonight and found it extremely pleasant (for something that could very well light my lips on fire 😉 ) One or two drops does not seem to affect the flavor of the dish all that much, but it does increase the fire power. I imagine I could use this sauce on anything I wanted a bit of a kick with. 3 drops in a cup of chicken soup is about my limit of enjoyable heat. I think I could take more, but even for me there comes a point when the heat just doesn’t add anything to the dish. I will admit that there is even a point when I go. DANG that is just too spicy. I haven’t hit that one often, but I think I could with this sauce.

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  1. You should bring a bottle or two over for Hubby to try sometime, though I worry about his stomach. He has a HIGH tolerance for spicy food, but oftentimes his digestive tract does not agree. I like those touristy places where you can shop for things like really hot hot sauces and stuff – don’t think I ever found anything with warning labels on it though.

  2. Tried the Endorphin Rush sauce on some hamburgers last night. One drop on each burger before cooking. I had to stand off to one side while cooking it, it was causing my nose to burn. I think a lot of the heat cooked off, but it sure was tasty. I have two left for lunch….

    Lisa, I will bring some over for people to try (if they want to), I like to share my experience.

  3. I have a bottle of Dave’s sauce in the fridge that I pull out every so often. No more than a few drops needed of that one. I still have an unopened bottles I purchased awhile back of a sauce called “Blair’s Mega Death Sauce with Liquid Rage.” It comes complete with a little plastic skull. But I didn’t have to sign a waiver to buy it, so…

    Besides Dave’s, from your pack I have also had the Endorphin Rush sauce. Good stuff if I remember correctly.

  4. Ah, the store you linked to sells the Blair’s stuff:
    Blair’s Mega Death Sauce.
    480,000 on the Scoville scale vs. 500,000 for the Sally sauce. 9th place on the site’s 15 hottest sauces page. Endorphin Rush is 10th, but far lower on the Scoville scale at only(?) 250,000…

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