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I have been pondering the possibility of finding a new vocal coach for the past year or so.  However, I have been very apprehensive about doing so.  While going to BGSU, I had a great mentor who was on the fast track to an operatic career.  He left as I was going into my second year at the school.  One of the people I should have remained in contact with over the years, but…

Than after leaving the fiiiine institution (I use that term sparingly), Emily helped me more than any one ever has.  You can go home again.  The reason I have found it so difficult to even consider the possibility of finding a new vocal coach is kind of unexplainable.  I was so hurt by the events surrounding my leaving school and the fact that she took me under her wing training my voice and helping me go BEYOND the pain I felt is unequivocal.  That above all is why I have a hard time trusting anyone with my voice.

After Miracles, my newest mentor and amazing friend seriously suggested that I search out a vocal coach.  In no way did I see this as a put down to my abilities but as a way to further develop my performance ability. I even told him that I had been thinking about the possibility.   Tom Hudson was my first meaty, dramatic, non-musical lead role.  How about tackling a meaty, dramatic, musical role? Not that the dream of continuing my phenomenal success as a character actor has not diminished.  I’m on a roll of one meaty, dramatic role.

Tuesday morning after a t-ball game, a candidate passed right by us.  C told me to go introduce myself.  I told him that I don’t know her, so HE ran over and introduced us.  I remembered seeing her in Working a few months ago so she definitely can sing and she gives lessons and she came very highly recommended.   Plus, it was nice to put a name to a face.   After 3 days of playing phone and email tag, we finally found a moment when I was around to discuss a schedule.

She asked what sort of music I would prefer beyond the obvious.  You have no idea the bag full of Broadway books I have!  Contemporary Christian (although not much contemporary is sung in a Catholic church 😀 ), some duets, some standards.  Just a bunch of stuff to increase my repetoire.

So… my choices were wither 8.30 AM on Fridays at her office (which I could have done but…) or 4:15 at her home with the kids being sitted which is nothing new to me.  In fact, my 6 and 5 year old nieces were hanging around while I was on the phone.  So Thursday at 4.15 it is!  I can’t wait! 😀

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  1. Vocal lessons, something I could use again myself if I do more theatre. I wonder if my old voice teacher still gives lessons? I recently found the website for the music/theatre business in which he is currently engaged.

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