Time To Clean The Mothballs Out Of The Closet


Now that the latest Indiana Jones movie has hit the theatres and has already been dethroned at the box office, I began to start coming up with sure fire ways to relaunch other 1980s blockbuster movie franchises… many of which ended on a sad or horrible note. We have already seen a new Rocky as well as Rambo feature. I kind of appreciated Rocky Balboa as a nice homage and wrap up of the previous movies (it was far better than the deplorable Rocky V). I lost interest in the shoot em up Rambo series after the second installment. I think Stallone should have come up with a good story for both franchises to interact; however, that might have been asking a little too much for his acting prowess.

How about a nice return of Jaws (not the James Bond character with metal teeth but the shark). Jaws the Revenge (I think it was called) was just too horrible to even get into. Anything anyone comes up with surely would be better than that debacle. How about a wonderful sequel to both the Jaws series and Finding Nemo?

The Beverly Hills Cop franchise took a serious nosedive with the third movie in the series. Audiences expected to see Eddie Murphy be funny as the wise cracking Detroit to LA detective Axel Foley (with or without the foul language). The third movie was almost a family oriented feature taking place at a theme park. I suggest combining Beverly Hills Cop with many of the movies in which Eddie appears as several characters. Why not have Axel go in search of the people responsible for the travesty that is Norbit and arrest them? I do see that a Beverly Hills Cop IV is in the earliest stages of development.

I think it is about time to dust off the Police Academy shelf. This could be another collaboration with Steve Guttenberg and company joining Eddie Murphy, Eddie Murphy, Eddie Murphy, AAAAAAND Eddie Murphy on a quest to find the villains who stole the careers of the other academy grads.

Or…. how about Revenge of the Killer Tomatoes? I think we have had only Attack and Return so why not?

Of course most of these franchises were products of their time and reflected the period.  Very doubtful that any of them would be able to start with anything near a fresh approach.

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4 thoughts on “Time To Clean The Mothballs Out Of The Closet”

  1. Dethroned? By that HBO movie I guess, Sex in the City. I don’t know if I would see a sequel to Police Academy though since it really went downhill, more than others. I haven’t seen any Tomatoes movies, or Jaws movies for that matter, so I couldn’t comment on those.

  2. yes, it was dethroned by that HBO movie. Whatever happened to the days when a movie would stay atop of the box office for months instead of days? I just had to throw in the Tomato movies for more laughs. Honestly, I do not think any of them could be revived they were too much a thing of the times.

  3. Somehow I missed a lot of the 80’s franchise movies. And I’m not a fan of Disney sequels. Toy Story cheapened the first one I thought, can’t wait to see what they do with the third. Other made for video only sequels were also awful, like the sequels to the Fox and the Hound and especially Aladdin.
    Jaws 3 is really cool. One and two bored me. But 3 is so cheesy, it’s enjoyable – and I like the plot too.
    Rick Rockwell (who wants to marry a millionaire) was a writer for the Killer Tomatoes movies – it was something he talked about when Chris and I went to dinner with him – but I’ve never seen one.

  4. Yes, the Disney DTV releases are all awful. I would not even consider Jaws the Revenge cheesy because I, too found Jaws 3-D enjoyable. DTV btw was the Disney Channel’s answer to MTV back in the day. It combined 80s hit music with Disney animation to make a video. Somehow I knew that Rick Rockwell would pop up when I mentioned the Tomato movies 😀

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