Baby Christopher’s Warm Fuzzies


When I was in high school, I was in a peer group called Snowball and one of our activities was to write “warm fuzzies” about each other.  Warm fuzzies are kind thoughts.  When we told family and friends we are now expecting a boy instead of a girl, we got lots of warm fuzzies, so I decided to collect them in one place so baby Christopher can read them someday.

How exciting to find out about your new son, we are so excited for you.
Love, Linda
I knew you guys could do it! Congratulations!!
Mary Beth
That is sooooo great. I can’t wait for HIS arrival. I sure Dad is as excited.
Wow!  No wonder you are in shock!  I’m excited for you.  I had 3 boys and the last was a girl, and I didn’t know till she was born – no ultrasounds in those days.  All I can tell you from my experience is the girl was nothing like her brothers, from day one.  For me, 3 boys were easier than one girl!  I’ll be interested to see how your experience is.  Can’t wait to meet little Christopher.  I have one of those as well. (He is and was the “toughest”, most bull-headed of my boys.)
CONTRATULATIONS!  I’m so happy for you – although it does turn out that I was wrong on the poll L  You are going to love having a son. I know I was very nervous about having a son because I wasn’t sure if I could feel the same way about a boy as I did about Abby.  Because she was a girl, I thought we had this unusual bond that couldn’t possibly exist between a mother and a son, but it turns out that gender has nothing to do with it.   I knew I’d love him, but I wasn’t sure that there’d be that “click” I had with Abby.  I’m glad to reports I was very wrong.  I’m positively in love with my son and couldn’t imagine life without a boy to raise.  I’ve often said that I’d have a whole ball team of boys before I’d have another girl, so if that tells you anything, you’ll LOVE having a son.  HOORAY for you!

Congratulations! Wow – will YOUR household change!!!! BUT, as a mother of 2 boys, I have to say that boys are EASY! I, too, was scared about having a boy – I had a sister, all girl cousins, even babysat for girls! But I soon learned that they are, in many ways, easier than girls! Still, I did go through a time from about 4th grade ’til college (or after) ’til they actually CONVERSED with me! Heaven forbid a boy would share an actual THOUGHT with a FEMALE in the house! But – I wouldn’t trade a thing – they were both healthy and happy boys (and now, grownups!). That’s all we can ask for, right?!  So – big CONGRATS to you all! Here’s to a healthy and happy Christopher Vincent Avell, soon to join a great family! Thanks for sharing your news~
Hugs, Dawn
how exciting – boys love those boys!!!!!!!!!!  can’t wait – now i can buy blue stuff!!!
Lisa & Chris,
Yea, a boy!  I’m excited for you and I guessed right!  lol  Just lucky! lol  I didn’t realize it was coming
up so soon.  You will have fun with a boy.  I’m glad you are naming him Chris. 
Lisa and Chris,  We are sooo exited for you!!!!   Way to go , You are in our thoughts and prayers.  Keith and Trudy
What exciting news – we are thrilled – but most of all that baby is happy and healthy – and family – God bless you all – Trudy and Keith
Don’t count your chickens… My second daughter was supposed to be a boy, at least that’s what the ultra sound picture looked said…. I’m pretty sure she came out a girl.  I’ll be a little jealous if you have a boy…. says the father of 4 girls….
                And, I love both names. I sometimes call Stephen, Nick, because his middle name is Nickolas, after my brother. He answers to Nick more than Stephen. It’s all good.  Boys are fun too!  Yahoo! Fun, fun, fun!  God Bless, and All my Love, Lilly
Congrats!   I picked boy, too, but didn’t e-mail it.  I told you at game night shortly after that.  I have to be around you to get a “feel” for it.  In case you didn’t remember.  I hope it’s right this time!
We are really excited for you guys! Little boys are a handful, but so much fun! Christopher and Ryan will be so close in age. When I told Austin you were having a boy, he said, “See, I was right all along.”. He actually told me a few months ago he thought you were having a boy. Very weird!
 Kim, Tim, and Austin

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