Three days, three meetings


No, not that kind of meeting.  I mean meeting three students from my church.  I should add that none of them were in my class but rather I sort of just ran into them.  Two of them approached me, and for the other I recognized his name and approached him.  It started with graduatin rehearsal the other day.  They were going through the names and I heard his.  I recognized it immediately.  After all, I was his AWANA leader one year in addition to the 4th/5th grade ministry.  Okay, that doesn’t entirely mean anything as I didn’t remember another such student right away who is one year younger than him and helps out in the ministry.  Anyway, once I heard it I looked out for him and he was sitting in one of my (well, the teacher I was subbing for anyway) rows.  I talked to him a little.  I asked about his sister too who is two years younger.  Now, sad to say I don’t remember a lot of the girls but his sister… let’s just say I had a reason to remember her.  Something she will grow out of if she hasn’t already.

The next meeting was the next day when I subbed for a librarian, who also helped out in the computer lab.  There were four classes to come in that day, pared down to three when one of the teachers canceled.  I sorted books when I wasn’t helping students at the computers.  Now aren’t you glad I didn’t actually write about this assignment yesterday?  The three of you who still read this blog would have gone down to zero!  😀  So, in the afternoon a third grader asked me if I played the doctor in the drama at church.  Of course I told her I did, and not only that, but I would see her in fourth grade this weekend, even though she will still be in third grade for another week at school.

Finally, just today I ran into yet another one.  She was in one of the four fifth grade classes I was not subbing in (five total at that school! 😮 ).  She saw me in the hall and asked if I worked in 4th/5th grade at my church.  When I said yes, I of course told her I wouldn’t be seeing her there this weekend since she is no longer a fifth grader there, but a part of the junior high ministry.  She was a little disappointed in this- I know I would, knowing I would have to attend regular worship from then on!  True, now I willingly go and enjoy the service but I know at age eleven I wouldn’t and didn’t when I served as an acolyte once in awhile at the church I grew up in.  And that was only an hour-long service.  At my church now the service is half again as long.

Three students in three days- who would have guessed?  Of course this doesn’t beat the three students in one day a month ago, but still.  As for my day today, as I said it was fifth grade.  I corrected work with them, watched over their work on some projects in the morning, did some teaching in the afternoon, etc.  The principal and I watched a few students play Rock Band in music.  They were pretty good.  Then he came and watched me teach science.  About a topic I knew little about (cold/warm fronts, high/low pressure zones).  Sigh.  I hope he wasn’t too disappointed, but then I’m sure he understands a sub will not necessarily be an expert in anything taught during the day.  The students were pretty good.  A few had their minds on other things during silent reading, but hey, summer’s almost here.

5 thoughts on “Three days, three meetings”

  1. I admire all teachers especially subs. Meeting students who you know outside of the school must be a bit of a trip for both you and your students.

    I never taught(and the children let out a big cheer), but I did coach girls softball for years. I still run into girls I coached years ago. I get hellos and some strange looks.

  2. I would love to learn more about fronts and pressure zones – but I wouldn’t like teaching it. Every year our county offers a free severe weather class, I attended one year and found it fascinating. I’ve been trying to get back to it for 3 years to no avail – they have it in Feb which I guess is a busy month for us.

  3. No, I have no background in meteorology at all. I’ve taken biology and geology, and astronomy to boot, but no meteorology…

    Since you have taught as a coach, you’d likely survive as a substitute, justj. You just have to pick a comfortable age group and be flexible on teaching stuff you know nothing about. Well okay, that is a big difference from teaching something you know, but still.

    And taylhis, I know you’ll get back to that class one of these years.

  4. Nope, I can’t teach the stuff I know. Too impatient for that. I keep trying to figure out why the person I’m trying to teach doesn’t know the basic stuff. All that stuff I’ve known for years… And then I find out what I consider basic is what they are trying to learn…. 🙁

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