The Wait Is Over… A Day Early

Tonight at 7, I will be in an area multiplex watching the first summer blockbuster of the season (did not get to Wolverine).  I have watched interviews with cast members on a few of the gab fests.  Surprisingly, little has been divulged concerning the plot of Star Trek which is a VERY good thing.  The only cast member (aside from Mr. Nimoy of course) I really recognize (by name) is Eric Bana.  Bana will be playing the villain Nero.  The only cinematic of his I have had the pleasure(?) of spending too much for a two hour + movie was the original dud of the big screen Hulk.  At least if Trek fails, it will be hard to blame him because he is one of the lucky individuals who got to sit in the chair and endure hours of prosthetic application.   I think it would be neat to play a character at least once (probably no more) in which I had to sit through three hours of having my face totally transformed.  So… Live Long and Prosper, Beam Me Up, Scotty (never said by Shatner’s Kirk), Warp Factor 9.99.  I don’t know if I am more excited to see this movie or if I was more excited to see Indiana Jones’ return last year.  Not nearly as long to wait for the return of the Enterprise.

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  1. btw – just “have fun” was too short for WordPress, they wanted it longer 😉 that’s why I had to add “tonight”.

  2. Zachary could very easily pass for a young Nimoy or maybe it was the makeup. I had forgotten that Winona was playing Amanda.

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