Skating On Very Thin Ice


I was debating on which blog to write this post. I, personally, have had enough of filmmakers making the same movie over and over again and attempting to make it a sequel. There has been Cruel Intentions I and II (based on the film Dangerous Liasons). It even had the same characters but played by different actors. Last night, The Cutting Edge 3 premiered. I did not tune in as I have seen the first movie at least once (and that is enough, thank you). The first movie starred D.B. Sweeney (a B-movie actor if there ever was one) as a hockey player who either is passed his prime or is injured. Somehow, he becomes the partner of an Olympic-medal hopeful figure skater (Moira Kelley). What follows is as predictable as any Dirty Dancing-esque movie could be. The two meet, argue, attempt to work together, fall apart, get back together, and finally perfect their routine enough to compete. Did I mention that they also fall in love…. how predictable?

OH…. forgive me please. The Cutting Edge 2 features the daughter of the characters of the original. It seems she has the same dream as her mother and meets and falls for her headstrong, stubborn skating partner. I’m sure that it is as brilliant as the first movie…. only the character names have been changed (or most) to protect the integrity of the first movie.

Unfortunately, I could find no synopsis for The Cutting Edge 3 to compare the plots of the trilogy. However, I can provide the following as a possible scenario:

A former hockey pro reluctantly agrees to become the partner of a stubborn, self-centered Olympic figure skating hopeful. Sexual tension begins to rise as they struggle to go for the gold.

Strange, but they seem like a case of been there, seen that, and seeing that was not so great. So enough of Hollywood rehashes posing as sequels even if they are direct to video or made-for-television. At the very least, Grease 2 attempted to be a completely different story… but that is another turkey.

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  1. Didn’t know it was the premeire of Cutting Edge 3. Not that I have an interest or have seen any of them, but I happened to note it on the tvguide listings and thought, wow, there’s a Cutting Edge 3? I don’t usually watch tv, and rarely ever look for something in tvguide, but it was just one of those nights for some “junk tv” as I call it. Ended up watching Cops.

  2. I didn’t even know there was a Cutting Edge 2! But from what you write this reminds me of Sandlot. The original, the duplicate sequel, then the new-direction part 3.

    In the first movie it was an injury that caused him to not be able to play anymore. He lost crucial peripheral vision from the injury.

  3. Speed 2 – subtitled: Cruise Control

    The imdb keywords say it all: Box Office Flop / Die Hard Scenario / Revenge / Sequel / Sign Language

  4. Cruise Control…. wonder if they tried to get Tom to be in it after Keanu was bright enough not to sign on…. that would have added more hilarity.

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