When Forwards Are Addicting…


I’m talking about email forwards.  And just about everyone knows someone or is someone (even if they won’t admit it) who just can’t seem to resist forwarding EVERY forward they get to EVERYONE in their address book.  I’ve mentioned before that my mom’s neighbor from about 5 years ago still forwards me stuff…  and it’s not like I knew them all that well to begin with.  They just got my email address from a forward list one time (I think), and just forward every forward to everyone they know – and some people they don’t know, apparently.  I get about 3-5 forwards in my email per day from various people.  I don’t read them all – who has time for that?  Some of them I pass along, and others I don’t.  I always feel a little guilty when I do pass them on though because there is a slight chance they could contain viruses or just be incredibly annoying to those poor people I do send them to…  So, with my apologies ahead of time to those who don’t like it, here is a link that I got as a forward the other day.  It links to this really fun and addicting mini golf game that my husband and I have had lots of fun with.  So far, my top score – well it’s golf, so my low score is a 42…  holes #14 and #18 kill me every time.  See what you think: https://www.ibogleif.dk/spil/flashspil/minigolf/minigolf.swf


Oh, yeah, and DO NOT open this at work – I do not want to be responsible for getting anyone into trouble on the job!  I know I can’t put the game down…  enough of this posting, the baby needs a diaper change…  I’ll change her after one more game, just gotta play while holding my nose…

7 thoughts on “When Forwards Are Addicting…”

  1. 38 for me 🙂

    Thank for the game. The only real issue I have with the game is that the first time you play, you have no idea if a slope is a paltry 15°, a nasty 60°, or more likely somewhere in between. They only seem to show the direction of the slope. At least they didn’t have a full ant hill, and the software is just a touch buggy as to allow the ball to stop on a slope!

  2. You are just nasty. Forwarding me a mini-golf game. Now I’m addicted to something else on the computer. I can’t stop until I beat this game. Must score 18, must score 18….

    Really, thanks for send that. I used to play that about 2 years ago, but the sight it was on went to bit heaven. At one time I did have that game down, and scored quite a few 18’s, but usually in the low to mid 20’s. I forgot how to play holes 14 and 18 so this time I got a 28.

  3. 18?!? Holy cow… I thought my 42 was good… I think I’d do better if I could memorize what works on each hole, but my memory stinks, so I usually aim for under par when I play! You guys are cut-throat!

  4. Derek, are you talking about finally visiting? And by next week, you mean Wed the 26th – Fri the 28th? Let us know ASAP so we can clear schedules… Chris holds down regular hours now you know 🙂 He will need to get his work done early… but no problem, we are looking forward to it. And T has a dental appt in Toledo on Thurs, so we were just going to make a day of it, but you can just come along, we still have an extra spot left in the van!

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