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A date with the familiar happens all the time, déjà vu and all that.  I think we can all think of more than a few times that has happened.  Today I was in 6th grade science, a field which has sort of been a goal of mine for teaching.  As part of the lesson plan, another teacher would come in for two of the classes and pretty much take over.  This being a good thing of course as I don’t have much experience with the applications they were using on a computer project (iMovie, iPhoto, Photo Booth), nor did I even know anything about the project.  Anyway, I looked at her name and thought to myself, “isn’t she…?”  When it came time for the first of the two periods we got to talking and sure enough, she was the sub-caller for another district I once worked in.  Apparently she got downsized last year when the district went to a computer system (hmm. looks like I can sign up in that district again if I have to keep working as a sub…) and so she got a job in the district I was in today.

But this wouldn’t make for a good blog entry if she was the only one.  During one of the classes I was handing out new textbooks and I came across a familiar last name, so I asked the student if his dad worked at another school I sub in.  Yep.  I told him I subbed for his dad a couple of times.  Well, then a third coincidence happened.  Well, possible coincidence.  I was afraid to ask this time and push the odds.  She had the last name of someone I went to school with when I was in 6th grade.  Now this has happened to me before, one at a time anyway, in other schools- which is only natural given the fact that I grew up in this same area.  I have met my share students whose moms or dads I went to school with or whose parent I’ve seen elsewhere, like a professor at a local college.

Slightly related to this I just remembered I had one student with the last name of Fogerty one time.  I joked about her being related to John Fogerty, of Creedence Clearwater Revival fame if you don’t know him, and she said he was her uncle.  She was serious too; either that or a good actress.  Anyway, I wonder who I will meet tomorrow?

3 thoughts on “I know you…”

  1. Ha! I was just reading the John Fogerty entry on Wikipedia and found he released an album called “Deja Vu (All Over Again)”! How is that for more coincidence since I mentioned him in this entry?

  2. crazy… Although it is coincidence where you are from, but weekly occurance here when you’re talking about graduating high school classes of 50 and such 🙂
    It’s neat to be from there yet living here because I can truly appreciate both worlds. Three of those coincidences in one day is incredible.

  3. A *possible* three- remember, I didn’t follow through on the last one, unless you’re talking about my John Fogerty reference coincidence.

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