Moose On The Loose


I forgot to mention another thrill the parents had on their trip.  One morning, a large moose was wandering Charnel’s yard.  Dad was in the middle of dressing and ran out just in time to see the back end of the animal as it made its way along.  He quickly told her to take a picture but she was not about to snap the rear of any animal.  To hear, seeing the large beasts is common place; they previously had a moose wandering around their area for a week.  They have also seen a mother bear and her cubs in the wilderness near the roadway.

One the return flight, mom sat beside a businessman who had travelled to the state several times.  He asked if they had seen any moose.  The gentleman was slightly disappointed as he had never before seen one and my parents were blessed to see one on their very first trip.

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  1. Well, some hundred or so years ago we had some elk and bison in our area, hence the name of two of our towns, Buffalo Grove and Elk Grove. Alaska is just a bit more wild though these days.

  2. A few years ago, I saw a herd of Elk in Elk Grove… even though they were kept behind a fence… are they still there?

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