A Potter Pot Head


I noticed two decidedly absent characters from the latest Harry Potter film.  I believe there was only a passing glance or two of Draco Malfoy’s partners in crime Crabbe and Goyle.  Well, it seems that Jamie Waylett who plays Vincent Crabbe in the films was charged with growing 10 marijuana plants in his mother’s England home.  The 20 year old actor was sentenced to 120 hours of community service after pleading guilty to the charge on July 7th.  The judge went easy on the malefactor after deeming the botanical exercise “small scale.”

Actually, I have been noticing a limited amount of screen time for most of the supporting cast.  Very little of Professors McGonagall and Snape and Hagrid was only in one major scene.  One scene in which the head of Gryffindor House appeared brought a chuckle.  Once again, Harry, Hermione, and Ron were once again in the thick of trouble and Minerva ever so eloquently pointed this out:

Professor Minerva McGonagall: [to Harry, Ron, and Hermione] Why is it that, whenever anything happens, it’s always you three?
Ron Weasley: I’ve been asking myself the same question for six years, Professor

Maggie Smith (who plays Prof. McGonagall) is definitely starting to show her age.  It has been nearly 20 years since she got into the habit as the Mother Superior in Sister Act. Surely the supporting cast will all be front and center for the final 2 installments.

Also, the concluding two films better be made quick or the young stars who are entering their twenties will be too old.  As one commented, by the time Harry Potter graduates from wizard school he will be collecting Social Security.

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  1. From what I’ve read, the final installments are already in production. I’m not sure how much the supporting cast will be in the last two shows. They take place away from the Hogwarts’ grounds and deal mostly with the gang of three.

    Just a wedding and final battle for most of the supporting cast.

    (Just finished the book — again)

  2. IF they include the wedding… a funeral was rather noticably absent from the newest installment. I need to reread the books here again.

  3. Maybe someday I’ll get into Harry Potter… but if I do, I will start at the beginning, whether it be the books or the movie or both. Of course, by the time there is time for that, the next big thing will probably have come out.

    1. Definitely start at the beginning. It is never too late to start. I’m sure Harry will be around long after the final movie.

  4. After hearing people be dissapointed when they watch the movie after they had read the book, I wonder how different it is to read the books after you have already seen the movies. I would like to read them someday to see how much more in depth they are. I do love Maggie Smith in the role as professor McGonagail, I couldn’t imagine any other person in that role:)

  5. I adore alll the supporting cast. Alan Rickman is his usually creepy, evil persona as Snape. Hagrid is my fave. I’m not sure how different it would be to read the books for the first time after watching the movies. Not really disappointing b/c I like the movies a lot, too.

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