Remind me again, why do I like computers?


I had to re-install windows on my laptop today. Now I have to make sure that everything that should be working is. Then there are some other programs I use that will need to be re-installed. This machine is getting older, so I may have to shop for a new hard drive soon. Seems like there are more ‘bad’ sections recently. I’m glad I backup my data files with some regularity. I would hate to lose pictures of my kids, grandkids, weddings, and other fun occasions.

The bigger problem is the small fact that I have a lot of computers in this house. It seems like I was re-installing some operating system just last week. Oh, I was, it was on my ‘play’ machines where I keep installing different versions of Linux.

I have noticed one thing, my touch pad seems to be a bit more sensitive. I keep having my cursor jump all around the screen as I type this. I’ve had to go back and correct mistakes as the cursor jumps to places earlier in this post. I need to check that out too. Grumble….

Oh well, I got the sound to work again….. Now if I can just find my CD with 100 card games on it…. 😉

2 thoughts on “Remind me again, why do I like computers?”

  1. I plan on giving Windows 7 a try soon. Actually, I already tried once but it didn’t want to install on my external hard drive. Now I will be purchasing a new 500GB hard drive to replace one of the current 250GB drives which are rapidly filling up. Once I do, I will give it another go.

  2. My computer got a virus and wiped out everything – luckily I had just backed up personal stuff that morning! But I am still lost now that I don’t have my bookmarks or usernames or passwords stored on the sites where I need them… sigh. I don’t really like computers – I like what you can do with them, but not the stuff I don’t understand – which is most of it.

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