I Love You To Watch A Fast Race To Witch Mountain Knowing Monsters Vs. Aliens With Hannah Montana, Man


Entertainment Weekly has published a list of no less than 17 movies that are to hit multiplexes beginning this weekend.  There are some that look like must sees, some that can wait for DVD viewing, and others… you get the point.  Opening Friday is the apparently long-awaited film based on a graphic novel from the 1980’s, Watchmen.  Until the hype of the movie began, I had never heard of the comic book heroes but the movie looks amazing.

I recently saw a spot on the television for Nicolas Cage’s new movie, Knowing, that seems to be joining the latest trend in Hollywood: the number theory thriller.  This, too looks like it would be worth a viewing.

Growing up in the mid-70s, I was a fan of the Disney live-action Witch Mountain movies (there was a less than memorable remake in the 90s as well as a failed weekly series)  Instead of a total remake, a re-imagining of the franchise is coming: Race to Witch Mountain.

Moving down the list is the ridiculous looking Dragonball movie.  Is this based on a video game or one of those card collecting games that I never got into like Pokemon.

In the category of senseless sequel/reboots comes the newest installment of Fast and the Furious.  I lost count of the number after the first sequel.  It looks like the producers of the franchise are going back to the drawing board and bringing back the stars of the original movie whoever they are.  But the title is perhaps the most brilliant thing about it:  The Fast and the Furious.  WAIT A MINUTE… Haven’t they done that before?!  Get my drift.

There is at least on screwball comedy coming.  Sunday night, I endured the trailer for I Love You Man.  Is there a male counterpart to a “chick flick?”  Apparently, this movie, centering on a newly engaged man’s search for a male BFF, attempts to fill that bill.  The preview did not endear itself to me.

The tween set has not been left out, either.  Miley Cyrus is taking her phenomenally popular character Hannah Montana to the big screen in a plot-driven movie.  Did she not have a big-screen concert extravaganza a few years ago a la the recent Jonas Brothers foray to the cinema?

FINALLY, the movie that is on the top of my must see list for the spring: Monsters v. Aliens.  After watching the 3D preview on Super Bowl Sunday,  I said OOOOOHHHH!!! Looks really fun!

7 thoughts on “I Love You To Watch A Fast Race To Witch Mountain Knowing Monsters Vs. Aliens With Hannah Montana, Man”

  1. I’m actually looking forward to the Watchmen movie. But I like all these comic book movies. I also think the animated Monster vs Aliens looks like a lot of fun.

    Other than that, I can’t think of any new movies I want to see until some time this summer.

  2. Yes, the new Witch Mountain movie doesn’t look that great even I though i enjoyed the ones from the 80’s. I would take the kids, but we have at least one kid who will be horrible in the theater, so it looks like we’ll be missing everything; that one for sure. I would love to take the kids to see Monsters Vs. Aliens in 3D in Maumee, but Disney cannot handle movies right now and our babysitters are over-worked with all these plays we’ve been seeing… oh well. Maybe something cool will come out in a few years when we no longer have 2 year olds!

  3. Oh, and I found just one part funny in the I Love You Man preview – I generally like Paul Rudd (he was great in Friends), but something tells me this is the only funny line in the entire movie and I’ve already seen it a few times…

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