Feelin’ a bit “testy”


Yes, it’s that time of year again.  The ISATs.  Illinois’s standardized test given to all kids to rate the schools (why?) and to see if they stand up to the rules of No Child Left Behind.  If not, then they have to know what to fix, so I suppose that’s a good enough reason for them even if rating the schools isn’t, in my opinion.  So what does this mean for a sub?  Less work to be had of course.  There are no meetings or workshops that would require a sub, and the teachers are supposed to be there giving the tests except in the most dire circumstances.  That leaves a much smaller pool of teachers who might need subs, fortunately through whom there is some hope.  Today for example I had a half-day for a literacy teacher, and since grades K-2 are generally unaffected by testing she could take the day off.  Yes, she is gone for the whole day but only required a half-day sub as she just canceled her afternoon obligations.  This position was one in which students are pulled out of their classes for extra reading help.  The four groups I had varied from kindergarten to second grade.  It should have been five actually, but due to a mixup two classes were out to recess when I went to pick up the kids so I had bonus planning time instead 😛 . Did I say K-2 are exempt from the testing?  Let me rephrase that.  I meant PreK-2.  What is the point of my bringing this up you ask?  Well, because a job I would ordinarily pass up opened up for Friday and I jumped on it instead- full day at-risk preschool for Friday.  I would pass because of the age and how far in the future the job is.  If it was 6AM and I was still looking for a job for the same day I would take anything of course, even the tough classrooms I’ve had in the past.  With three days notice I usually am able to pick something else up closer to my comfort zone, but for this month I have to treat any job as a blessing (and they all are) and just take it.  I have done preschool before, so I do know what to expect.  I remember at one school I would start thinking of the kindergarten kids as big kids.  Weird.

So here I am, sitting.  Using my internet connection to constantly look for openings.  Speaking of which, there is one district I haven’t seen an opening in for weeks now.  I should call and ask what’s up, but for this week at least I know they will just say it’s testing.  Funny, I seem to recall having this problem before with a different district.  I can’t find the post about it right now, oh well.  Maybe it was last school year.

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  1. I, for one, am glad that my class graduated before all the standardized test requirements for graduation came along. I do remember my class taking a cycle as “guinea pigs”. I do remember similar tests in elementary and jr. high that seemed to be similar but not as detrimental to graduation or advancing.

  2. I hated those tests. They always gave the same, long, boring directions before each test and I would get so bored I would start the test early – MAJOR no-no. Got me a detention for that. I wasn’t trying to cheat; I never needed all the time they’d allow anyway… just SO BORED!

  3. OH, YES! The dreaded… use a No. 2 pencil… make sure you fill in the circle completely… those are the only directions I remember but I know there was a lot more that HAD to be read.

  4. And today’s kids have to take them EVERY YEAR, starting in third grade. While I wasn’t a part of this culture, we did have our share of scan-tron tests. Speaking of standardized tests, I do know our local college gives standardized finals. That is, they don’t write the final themselves (not sure who does) and all sections of the course, regardless of the teacher, are given the same exam.

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